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Yangchuanosaurus – Info and Footage

Fast Yangchuanosaurus Info

  • Lived in what’s now generally known as China
  • Lived in the course of the late Jurassic
  • Was roughly 3 automotive lengths lengthy
  • Weighed as a lot as 2 grownup giraffes
  • Was a carnivore

Yangchuanosaurus Footage

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About Yangchuanosaurus

Yangchuanosaurus is a dinosaur that was found in June of 1977 in China in the course of the building of the Shangyou Reservoir Dam. In 1978, it was named “Lizard from Yang-ch’uan, China” by Dong Zhiming. It’s believed that this dinosaur lived roughly across the late Jurassic interval to the early

Cretaceous interval – roughly 163 to 145 million years in the past.

Some attention-grabbing info about Yangchuanosaurus embody the truth that not solely was this dinosaur an apex predator however that it additionally might have hunted in packs. Carnivorous dinosaurs have lengthy been thought to hunt alone however this dinosaur might have been the exception to the rule. If it did hunt in packs, like lions, then it will have been a most formidable foe and able to taking down nearly any dinosaur it selected as prey.

As you’ll be able to inform from the Yangchuanosaurus photos, this dinosaur was massive and fierce. It was roughly 33 toes lengthy and weighed as a lot as 5200 kilos. It had a big and bony cranium which was roughly 3.5 toes lengthy and had dagger-like enamel. Its arms had been brief with 3 claws on each and it ran on two very muscular legs that had 3 clawed toes. It additionally had a really lengthy tail, which was about half its size, which it might have used as a weapon.

Yangchuanosaurus was a carnosaur, which places it into a bunch of dinosaurs identified for his or her excessive intelligence (decided by evaluating mind measurement to physique measurement). This implies they had been in all probability very clever hunters which might use some type of primary planning to hunt and kill their prey.

Excessive intelligence, a strong physique and a excessive working velocity in all probability made this dinosaur one of many prime predators of its time. It was in all probability in a position to take down even the most important of sauropods. It positively would’ve been a dinosaur that almost all different dinosaurs would have averted.

Yangchuanosaurus Footage



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