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Winter patties or pollen patties: which is greatest?

Don’t confuse pollen patties and winter patties. One is supposed to boost brood manufacturing and one isn’t.

Winter patties and pollen patties will not be equal. Actually, they’re fully various kinds of honey bee meals dietary supplements.

A conventional pollen patty is an alternative choice to pollen. It’s excessive in protein and accommodates all of the amino acids a bee wants for good well being. As a result of ample protein promotes brood rearing, beekeepers use pollen patties once they need to enhance the scale of a colony.

Trendy pollen substitutes can include roughly 40-50 p.c protein. Whenever you insert pollen patties into the hive, the nurse bees eat the high-protein meal. Their glands reply by secreting brood meals and the queen responds by laying extra eggs. Quickly, the brood nest expands and grownup bees seem. That is extraordinarily useful if a number of inhabitants is what you want, however typically, a excessive inhabitants is the alternative of what you want.

Unhealthy instances for pollen patties

Pollen patties fed within the fall could be damaging to a colony as a result of it’s onerous for a colony to feed a number of bees all through the winter. Boosting a colony’s measurement in fall could imply it starves earlier than spring.

Likewise, late winter pollen boosts could be unhealthy if the colony outgrows its pollen reserves earlier than new spring pollen arrives. As soon as a beekeeper begins feeding pollen, he can’t cease early or the colony could starve.

Good instances for pollen patties

Beekeepers who plan on shifting their colonies south into early blooming crops corresponding to California almonds discover pollen patties helpful for reinforcing colony measurement. They should do it early so their colonies are sturdy by February.

Colonies which are just too small to overwinter could be boosted in late summer time with pollen patties. This may increasingly work so long as the beekeeper has logic and doesn’t go to extremes.

Please observe that so-called world patties are literally high-protein patties that needs to be used for spring feeding whenever you need to improve brood growth.

Winter patties have low protein

Excessive in carbohydrates and low in each protein and fats, winter patties make wonderful winter feed. They include largely carbohydrates with about 2 p.c protein and a dusting of fats. Winter patties don’t promote brood enlargement, the alternative of pollen patties. 

The small quantity of protein and fats is good for selling good well being inside the colony with out inflicting premature inhabitants will increase. As with pollen patties, winter patties are most likely not needed in most overwintering colonies, however if you’re unsure, they are going to do no hurt

A instrument like another

Winter patties and pollen patties are administration instruments, accessible for those who want them. However don’t assume it’s essential to use them simply because they exist. Earlier than leaping into dietary supplements, consider your colony’s power and your plans for it.

Each varieties of patties needs to be monitored. If the bees don’t end them, the patties needs to be eliminated earlier than they appeal to small hive beetles or mould. But when the bees end them shortly, they need to get replaced with extra.

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