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Visible Snow, a Uncommon Dysfunction

Abstract: Visible snow, or visible static is a uncommon illness through which individuals see a sort of “TV static” of their imaginative and prescient. The situation impacts round 2% of the inhabitants. Whereas the dysfunction itself cannot be handled, it’s potential to deal with signs related to the dysfunction.

Supply: Mayo Clinic

Winter means snow begins falling in lots of elements of the nation. However there’s a special sort of snow that seems year-round for some individuals throughout the globe.

Visible snow, or visible static, is an unusual neurological situation that impacts round 2% of the inhabitants. On this Mayo Clinic Minute, Dr. Carrie Robertson, a Mayo Clinic neurologist, explains the uncommon dysfunction and what may be carried out to deal with it.

“Visible snow is a dysfunction the place sufferers see a sort of TV static of their imaginative and prescient. It’s virtually like they’ve tens of millions of tiny little dots of their imaginative and prescient on a regular basis, and it’s all through their visible subject,” says Dr. Robertson.

Signs could contain flashes of sunshine or seeing issues that the mind is meant to tune out, equivalent to eye floaters or afterimages.

“Maybe they’ll have a look at a TV or some phrases on a chunk of paper. And as they begin to look away, they nonetheless see shadows left over these afterimages, and it may well virtually create a double imaginative and prescient, or a sense that phrases are transferring after they’re attempting to learn,” she explains.

These kinds of signs may be distracting by themselves. Nevertheless, some individuals additionally undergo from extra signs, equivalent to dizziness, complications or ringing within the ears.

Credit score: Mayo Clinic

Dr. Robertson says that whereas many individuals who expertise visible snow are born with it, secondary causes may be accountable.

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“Some sufferers would possibly discover this approaching after an occasion like a head damage, or a very extreme an infection or sickness.”

Visible snow, or visible static, is an unusual neurological situation that impacts round 2% of the inhabitants. Credit score: Mayo Clinic

Whereas visible snow can’t be handled, the signs related to the dysfunction may be handled.

“We will work on various kinds of visible remedy, and work with visible filters to attempt to scale back the severity to make it simpler for them to learn simpler for them to perform,” says Dr. Robertson.

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