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Farrowing could be a irritating course of for each pig caretaker and sow concerned. The follow of induction reduces a few of that stress for each events by permitting the caretaker to correctly supervise the sow and the piglets throughout farrowing hours. Supervision and the power to offer well timed help is the first option to cut back piglet mortality round farrowing. Correct use of induction can enhance the possibilities that the caretaker will likely be out there when farrowing does occur.

When contemplating induction in your farm, it’s advantageous for producers to seek the advice of with their veterinarian to realize some information of the compounds which might be used for induction and a beneficial utility protocol. Induction of farrowing makes use of prostaglandin and oxytocin; for a lot of swine services, prostaglandin is the principle inducer used throughout farrowing, and oxytocin is used along with prostaglandin as wanted. Gathering some information of those compounds will support you in discussing an induction protocol together with your herd veterinarian.


Prostaglandin is without doubt one of the hormones that’s produced naturally by the sow to finish being pregnant and begin the farrowing course of. The usage of exogenous (not produced by the sow) prostaglandin permits the caretaker to synchronize farrowing throughout a number of sows or to a most popular time of day for attendance functions. Timing of prostaglandin administration needs to be decided based mostly on the anticipated farrowing dates for the efficacy of prostaglandin and security of the sow and piglets. Most farms administer an injection of prostaglandin on day 114 of gestation, permitting sows with shorter gestation intervals instances to farrow spontaneously and sows with longer gestation instances to farrow barely early. Administering prostaglandin on days 112-114 typically causes no adversarial results, reduces gestation size and reduces variation in farrowing timing throughout a bunch of sows due inside this vary. Prostaglandin administration on or earlier than day 111 is taken into account too early. Farrowing usually begins inside 12-24 hours publish administration of prostaglandin. When utilized correctly and in session together with your herd veterinarian, using prostaglandin for induction can lower the incidence of stillbirth piglets and enhance live-born survival charges because of the advantages of caretaker attendance at farrowing.


Exogenous use of oxytocin stimulates uterine contractions and milk let down. The first aim of oxytocin use is to shorten the farrowing time and the intervals between every piglet being born. Oxytocin can be utilized with out first utilizing prostaglandin, nevertheless, oxytocin ought to solely be administered after the cervix is absolutely dilated. You will need to acknowledge that prostaglandin will convey a sow to parturition, however oxytocin primarily aids the farrowing course of after parturition has began.

Timing of administration of oxytocin is essential. Usually, oxytocin is run in the course of the farrowing course of. If utilizing together with prostaglandin, oxytocin might be given as early as 20-24 hours publish prostaglandin administration – nevertheless it’s best to debate this plan together with your veterinarian and remember that dilation might not have occurred by this time. Gilts particularly are much less predictable for farrowing timing when using a synchronization protocol. The usage of oxytocin needs to be restricted, typically it’s endorsed to maintain use of oxytocin to 2 doses per sow. Once more, this emphasizes the have to be strategic and cautious when utilizing oxytocin to assist farrowing.

As beforehand talked about, at all times seek the advice of a veterinarian to develop a plan for utilizing any prescription drugs in your sows, significantly using oxytocin. Misuse of oxytocin can result in elevated cases of dystocia throughout farrowing. This may additionally result in elevated variety of stillbirths or ruptured umbilical cords. Understanding your sow herd, and dealing together with your veterinarian on an induction protocol will help reduce these points.


The usage of inducing hormones for farrowing ought to at all times be rigorously administered. The overall suggestions for the hormones are, administering progesterone round day 114 and administering oxytocin solely after the cervix is absolutely dilated. Though there are benefits to utilizing progesterone and oxytocin, there are nonetheless dangers related to using these hormones. To attenuate the dangers related to troublesome farrowing, continuous supervision is strongly beneficial. Guaranteeing the security of the sow and the piglets is the first goal of proving help throughout farrowing.

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