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The World’s Smallest Penguin, Little Penguin Info

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Who’s that creepy little man wandering round your yard at the hours of darkness? For those who stay on the coast of New Zealand or the southern coast of Australia, then it’s in all probability the world’s smallest penguin. Appropriately named the Little Penguin (Eudyptula minor novaehollandia), however often known as fairy penguin (in Australia) or blue penguin, it stands just one foot tall and couldn’t even attain excessive sufficient to peck you within the kneecap.

Little Penguin (aka Blue Penguin) in Penneshaw, Kangaroo Island, South Australia


Examine that to the world’s largest penguin, the Emperor penguin, who’s 4 occasions as tall, and you will notice that this man is actually a shrimp amongst his penguin cousins.

I photographed this little fellow sneaking round in a suburban yard in Penneshaw on Kangaroo Island in South Australia. What’s he doing wandering round at the hours of darkness? Little Penguins are thought-about essentially the most nocturnal of the penguins and might typically be seen returning to their burrows at nightfall after a day spent foraging at sea. In cities like Penneshaw, many little blue penguins have picked up the behavior of constructing burrows below houses and foundations when pure burrowing areas are scarce.

Is the blue penguin blue? 

Sure, they’re! Whereas they’ve grayish faces, their backs are darkish blue. 

Little penguin details

For 2 weeks between January and March, penguins will keep ashore constantly for round 2 weeks throughout their annual molt as their feathers usually are not waterproof but. As soon as they develop all their feathers again, they are often waterproofed once more. How? 

To maintain their feathers waterproof, little penguins rub their beaks into their uropygial gland (additionally known as the preen gland) situated close to their tail and apply the oily substance by their feathers. Chicks don’t have these waterproof feathers and so they have to remain on land till they develop them. 

Blue Penguins are solely lively on land at evening as they spend their day fishing for small fishes. When they’re foraging, they will keep below the water for 20 to 30 seconds solely at a time, and so they dive a median of 800 occasions a day. 

Fishing for slippery small fish (reminiscent of anchovies and sardines) makes feeding time tough however the little penguin has a few diversifications that assist them. For instance, they’ve a hook on the top of their invoice and so they even have spikes on their tongue which can be pointing in direction of the again of their mouth. This helps the penguins maintain their trophies.

Blue penguins can swim as much as 5 miles per hour

Blue penguins come ashore in teams, going from small teams of solely few people, to teams as huge as 100 penguins. These huge teams of penguins are known as ‘rafts’.

Blue penguins have a reasonably salty food plan. To manage their salt, penguins have one other helpful gland. This gland is the supraorbital gland, situated simply above their eyes. How do these glands work? Because the blood handed by the gland, the salt is trapped there. This extra salt is then blended with moisture contained in the gland, touring down their nasal passage, and dripping out of the penguin’s nostril! 

The life cycle of the blue penguin 

The common life span of fairy penguins is 7 years, they’re solely a foot tall and with a physique weight of two.2 kilos, these are the world’s smallest penguins. A male penguin is a bit greater than a feminine. 

Of their pure atmosphere, blue penguins usually burrow in colonies on rocky cliffs-bases. Vegetated sand dunes are additionally nesting web site. 

Blue penguins can elevate as much as 4 chicks per breeding season (in 2 completely different clutches). The egg incubation can take as much as 36 days. Penguin chicks will fledge after 7-8 weeks. Since chicks usually are not waterproof and might’t get within the water simply but, the mother and father are very busy in the course of the breeding season. They have to fish for themselves and to carry meals again to the chicks. Throughout this time, the mother and father can swim as much as 30 miles per day.  

Threats to little penguins

Their pure predators are sharks, leopard seals, and sea lions. 

Business fishing operations, oil spills, human encroachment and  habitat destruction, and local weather change are additionally threats to little penguins. 

Launched predators (together with canine, rats, cats, stoats, and ferrets) even have a detrimental affect on the survival of the little penguins. 

How is local weather change a menace to the little penguin?

With larger sea-surface temperatures, the little penguin has to swim farther away to colder waters to seek out meals, spending some treasured power alongside the best way. The farther away they should swim to forage, the much less meals they will carry to their chicks. This may result in chick hunger and loss of life. 

In June 2022, tons of of lifeless birds washed up, lifeless alongside New Zealand seashores. Mass die-offs of penguins usually are not unprecedented however conservation specialists worry that with local weather change they’ll worsen. Because the frequency of marine heatwaves and the frequency of storms enhance, the little penguin’s life shall be harder. 

The place to see the little penguin?


Little penguins are discovered alongside the coastlines of southern Australia and New Zealand. If you wish to see them of their pure habitat and don’t know the place there are a few excursions present in our submit wildlife excursions in Australia that see them usually. 

If you’re within the Melbourne space it’s also possible to do a day journey from there to see them at Phillip Island Nature Park, the most important little penguin colony on the planet. You’ll be able to be part of their penguin parade to observe because the penguins arrive on the shore at nightfall to return to their burrows. Extra info and ticket costs right here.

In New Zealand, you possibly can go to the little penguins on the Oamaru blue penguin colony in Oamaru, which is just 3h drive south of Christchurch. 

Have you ever ever seen the smallest penguin on the planet?



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