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The Lancashire Heeler – Your Information to This Uncommon Breed

Small, highly effective, and bred to work, the Lancashire Heeler is a uncommon canine. The breed has been on the UK’s Kennel Membership endangered checklist since 2003. However, because of its completely satisfied, affectionate nature, ‘chatty character’ and trainable angle, the Lancashire Heeler is an excellent household companion.

Initially bred to hunt rats, the Lancashire Heeler has an amazing work ethic, and its smaller dimension makes it a flexible canine that may adapt to many conditions. We take a deeper take a look at this uncommon breed and discover simply why, for the fitting household, they will make the best pet.

Historical past of the Lancashire Heeler

Also referred to as the ‘Ormskirk Terrier’, ‘Lancashire Terrier’, and ‘Ormskirk Heeler’, the Lancashire Heeler is a little bit of a thriller maybe, which is a part of its attraction. The breed dates again to the northwest of England within the seventeenth century and may be traced again to 2 different breeds, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Manchester Terrier. Different breeds, together with the Dachshund, are additionally considered an affect.

The Lancashire Heeler was initially bred in Nice Britain to drive cattle to market as they had been sufficiently small to nip on the heels of cattle and sheep to maneuver them alongside. And their diminutive but stocky dimension meant they had been agile sufficient to maintain protected from stray hooves or toes!

In addition to being ‘heelers’, the breed was famend as a ratter, serving to to handle vermin and rabbit populations on the farm.

The flexibility of this feisty little canine meant in addition they turned well-liked additional afield, with the breed gaining floor in Australia, Europe, and the States. Nevertheless it was as a companion canine that the fashionable Lancashire Heeler as got here into its personal.

With the Lancashire Heeler Membership shaped in 1978, the canine was acknowledged as an official breed by the UK Kennel Membership in 1981t. The United Kennel Membership and the American Kennel Membership (AKC) finally acknowledged the breed as a part of its Herding Group in 2009. Regardless of all this recognition, the Lancashire Heeler breed has skilled a downturn in recent times and has been formally acknowledged as a uncommon canine breed – it’s presently on the endangered breeds checklist – with what’s considered lower than 5,000 Lancashire Heelers worldwide right this moment.

Important Breed Information

Small in stature, the Lancashire Heeler is definitely not small in presence or character. Maxing out at 12 inches to the shoulder as an grownup, the Heeler may be anticipated to weigh between 9 and 17 kilos. He additionally has a superb life expectancy of 12 – 15 years.

Listed below are just a few different important breed info in regards to the lovable Lancashire Heeler.

  • The Heeler is a great breed, and that may imply mischief! They’re all the time on the go and famend as escape artists, so you will need to guarantee your yard is safe!
  • The Heeler smile – the Lancashire Heeler additionally has a novel attribute of being a smiler, because of its distinct capacity to attract again their lips when completely satisfied or content material, to create what seems to be like a super-cute smirk.
  • The Lancashire Heeler has a brief, sturdy weatherproof coat that’s comparatively low-shedding and simple to take care of.
  • This breed can also be a multi-tasker – the Lancashire Heeler is famend as a present canine, agility star, obedience competitor, and a whizz at herding trials.
  • Whereas the Lancashire Heeler is taken into account a superb companion for different canine, they’ve the terrier instincts to hunt and drive livestock, so they aren’t a good selection you probably have cats or different small animals.

Key Traits of the Lancashire Heeler

Lancashire Heeler on a leash outdoors, looking at their owner.

Quick and stocky, the Lancashire Heeler has a giant character inside his little physique. Listed below are the important thing traits that you must learn about this loveable breed.


The Lancashire Heeler carefully resembles its cousin, the Welsh Corgi however has a definite black and tan terrier colorway which is a nod to its Manchester Terrier genes. His weather-resistant coat is thick and tender and can be present in liver and tan. Non-recognized colours additionally embrace brindle, tricolor, and sable.

An grownup Heeler grows as much as 12 inches to the shoulder and might seem as large as they’re tall! Their stocky construct means this can be a robust little canine, with brief but quick legs and a sturdy tail with a slight curve over their physique. He additionally has alert, pointed ears and clever, almond-shaped eyes.


Relating to the Lancashire Heeler temperament, the very first thing to notice is that they’re good cookies that be taught quick. However the draw back to all that smaller canine intelligence is that they can be susceptible to stubbornness and mischief. In addition they have loyal and courageous personalities and can bond with their human, though they are often cautious of strangers. And this breed isn’t any stranger to barking, so that you must be ready to have a chatty pooch in your fingers.

With a typically pleasant and completely satisfied disposition, the Lancashire Heeler makes a superb household canine, though as they’re susceptible to herd, together with nipping at heels, they’re finest suited to older and extra assured kids.

In addition they like to preserve you in your toes and are identified to be proficient escape artists, so a safe yard with loads of area to play and run is a should. Relating to different pets, they will stay fortunately with canine and tolerate cats, though they could have an in-built tendency to herd them.

The way to Take care of Your Lancashire Heeler

As robust working canine breed constructed for out of doors life, Lancashire Heelers are comparatively low upkeep. Nonetheless, there are some necessities that you must know in case you are seeking to welcome one in every of these energetic canine into your own home.


A fast learner, the clever Lancashire Heeler may also have a cussed thoughts, so a constant strategy is required on the subject of coaching. Agency, form, and constructive coaching is the best way to go, because the Lancashire Heeler reply properly to rewards and likes to please their human.

And, as they’re a tad impartial of considering, early coaching and socialization is a should for this breed. However the payoff is value it, because the Lancashire Heeler may also excel at canine sports activities, together with agility and obedience.


The Lancashire Heeler is an enthusiastic little chap who loves train and playtime. However in addition they want loads of psychological stimulation of their video games and interactions. Each day train might help preserve that Heeler exuberance in test and preserve him bodily match. Add in loads of play, together with fetch, frisbee, and catch, even swimming, for additional psychological stimulation, and also you’ll have a contented Lancashire Heeler in your fingers.


As a medium to high-energy canine, the Lancashire Heeler wants high-quality pet food that’s calorie-appropriate for his or her age and exercise ranges. With their stocky physique form, the Heeler may be susceptible to weight achieve, so that you additionally must be conscious of extra treats.

A pet food fed at common meals with a superb protein supply is life-stage acceptable and offers all of the vitamins, nutritional vitamins, and minerals your Lancashire Heeler wants is good. And don’t neglect they want entry to loads of contemporary, clear water.


As a hardy working canine, the Lancashire Heeler has the coat to match. Their flat, brief, virtually onerous coat can also be dense and waterproof, which suggests low upkeep. He’ll shed his coat when the seasons change, nevertheless it isn’t extreme. And in-between, you solely must groom his coat with a agency bristle brush a couple of times every week. And when he does get mucky, the occasional tub will get his shiny coat again to its finest.

Trimming their nails is crucial for the Lancashire Heeler to forestall overgrowth, cracking, or splitting. And their ears want an everyday test, as they are often susceptible to wax build-up.

Well being

The Lancashire Heeler is a typically wholesome breed and has a lifespan that may take them to fifteen or extra. Nonetheless, like different pure canine breeds, there are just a few well being points and inherited ailments that may have an effect on this Lancashire canine and that that you must look out for.

  • Major lens luxation (PLL): This inherited eye illness was found within the Lancashire Heeler breed in 2006. And whereas remedial motion by breeders since, in addition to veterinary analysis, has decreased the incidence of PPL, it could possibly nonetheless happen. PPL causes the attention’s lens to turn out to be free and might finally displace, inflicting irritation and ache. Left untreated, it could possibly turn into glaucoma and even blindness. When shopping for a Lancashire Heeler pet, you’re strongly suggested to make sure the pups and their dad and mom have been eye examined for this well being situation.
  • Collie eye anomaly: Also referred to as Collie Eye Defect, this inherited well being situation sees mutation within the eyes, resulting in underdevelopment within the retina’s blood vessels. It will probably, in time, additionally end in a indifferent retina.
  • Cataracts: Lancashire Heelers can be susceptible to cataracts, the place the lens turns into cloudy on account of adjustments within the water stability or proteins throughout the lens. Cataracts can impair imaginative and prescient and finally end in blindness.
  • Patella luxation: In addition to circumstances that may have an effect on the Lancashire Heeler’s eyes, the breed can be susceptible to joint points, significantly patella luxation. This congenital situation sees the patella, or kneecap, dislocate misplaced within the knee joint. This ends in an incapacity to increase the leg, inflicting an odd skipping gait. The situation is among the commonest causes of lameness in canines.

Welcoming a Lancashire Heeler Into Your Residence

A Lancashire Heeler dog sitting on the door entrance.

As a uncommon breed, proudly owning a Lancashire Heeler is an efficient solution to preserve the breed alive and lift consciousness of this beautiful, clever, and enjoyable canine. However this additionally means it’s uncommon to discover a Lancashire Heeler rescue. However that doesn’t imply it’s not possible, otherwise you could possibly discover a Lancashire Heeler combine breed to undertake.

In case you are searching for a Lancashire Heeler pup, purchase from a breeder acknowledged by the American Kennel Membership (AKC) or the Lancashire Heeler Membership. Count on to pay between $1,000 and $1,500 on your new Lancashire Heeler pet. And don’t neglect to think about the associated fee for the primary 12 months of your new pup’s life, together with meals, gear, insurance coverage, vaccinations, and important vet care.

The Backside Line – Is the Lancashire Heeler the Proper Canine for You?

Happy Lancashire Heeler dog, with her tongue out, looks at the camera in the forest on a sunny day.

As a uncommon breed, the Lancashire Heeler is likely to be a problem to search out, however is well worth the effort if you’d like a giant, enjoyable canine in slightly canine’s physique! Sturdy and with a robust work ethic, this intelligent breed likes to play and is loving and constant to his household. They could be a barker and cautious of unknown faces, however for an lively household with older kids, the Lancashire Heeler is a good canine to have by your aspect.


Q: What breeds make a Lancashire Heeler?

A: The origins of the Lancashire Heeler nonetheless appear shrouded in thriller, and little definitive is understood. However it’s thought that the breed outcomes from a cross between the Welsh Corgi and the Manchester Terrier, with just a few different breeds, together with the Dachshund, probably thrown in for good measure.

What number of Lancashire Heelers are there?

A: The American Kennel Membership has categorised the Lancashire Heeler as a uncommon breed, and it’s thought there are solely round 5,000 on the planet. Within the US alone, there are an estimated 250 Lancashire Heelers in possession. The breed was placed on the Endangered Breeds checklist in 2003.

Q: Are Lancashire Heelers good?

A: Sure, the Heeler has a wise mind and a switched-on character. Nonetheless, whereas this makes the breed each partaking and trainable, they’ve a stubbornness that may trigger mischief. Constant coaching treats and loads of video games and train, even canine sports activities, will assist to maintain the Lancashire Heeler mind targeted and a contented, enjoyable member of your loved ones.



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