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The homeland of Concepts – TPS – English

From a heliocentric perspective, in the present day is marked by the majestic entry of Jupiter into Aries, the homeland of Concepts.
A while in the past, on the event of the Aries Full Moon, we wrote that Concepts reside Energies and Entities, artistic powers that produce precipitates and pervade the fourth buddhic spatial degree.
And but, paradoxically, with a purpose to begin considering them it’s essential to carry out a quite simple act: “You look as much as Heaven, which is the primary Concept. It’s the world of Concepts, which dwell there and feed on it. The research of Types results in Concepts, that are their Causes and Fashions. […] Concepts and Types are usually not contrasting entities, they’re symmetrical, and each belong to the divine Actuality of the Cosmos. The primary ones are unity, essence; the second multiplicity and changing into. These act by direct will, these via need. There’s the Concept of ​​Kind and there are psychological Types known as Concepts or Beliefs. […] Heaven, then, in different phrases, is the proto-Concept. If It didn’t settle for them, Concepts wouldn’t exist. Pure photo voltaic Concepts dwell in its boundless areas (such because the Concept of ​​Magnificence, Justice, Fact, Power…). […] In line with Plato’s lesson they’re absolute, perennial, luminous and immutable; they’re associated nonetheless to this Photo voltaic System.” [1]

We really feel it will be important, on this event, to handle immediately the aforementioned Thinker, Plato, who has given humanity revolutionary insights, drawing immediately from its supply.
Everyone knows that Plato is a thinker, however definitely we aren’t all the time conscious that this phrase means “in love with knowledge”. Concerning the etymology of this final phrase, we wish to level out its definition within the Area Lambdoma: Knowledge is the divine intelligence of Love.
The Greek phrase philos wants additional research: it means “lover, in love”. Its Indo-European root is *DHI-, composed of the next sound parts: “[hi] to convey [d] power, to nourish, to like”. From the identical root comes the Latin time period filius, son, which accurately means “fed”, “liked”. [2]

Plato himself, in certainly one of his letters, defines that philosophical passion which characterizes honest Thinkers a hearth. [3]
Plato and different philosophers earlier than him, Socrates and Pythagoras, had been subsequently minds that “thought for love”, and had been impressed by it.
This concept is the pivot of Plato’s philosophy, who has handled it in lots of Dialogues. Notably suited to the celebration of in the present day’s indicators of the Heavens, because it refers to Zeus/Jupiter, is the next passage, which evokes a suggestive picture: “The divine is gorgeous, clever, good, and the whole lot of that kind. […] The good chief within the Heavens, Zeus, driving a winged chariot, proceeds first, ordering and caring for all issues […] There abides the very being with which true information is anxious; the colourless, formless, intangible essence, seen solely to thoughts, the pilot of the soul.” [4]

This essence is the thought, what’s in itself, thus recognized by Plato (and such a becoming definition has been used as nicely within the Vortex 1.4 of the Mannequin Lambdoma), which might solely be reached with the summary thoughts, that Plato defines generally nous generally diánoia, mind, the “pilot of the soul”.
The shut relationship between the nous, the summary thoughts, and the soul, is revealed to us in a considerably shocking means additionally by the etymosophy: nous derives from the Indo-European root *NA-, composed of the sounds “[a], begin, [n] of the very important breath of cosmic Waters”, which expresses the thought of “origin of beginning and thought”.
‘The “divine” Waters […] had been “turbines of all cellular and immovable issues of creation”, […] and possessed “the nice happiness of excellent information”, […] “as a result of they knew the origin of heaven and earth” […]’: that is what the linguist Franco Rendich writes, including that the basis *NA- is carefully associated to that of anima(soul), *AN-, which expresses the thought of ​​respiratory, of the very important breath.

Cosmic origin, Thought, Soul, are subsequently ideas intimately intertwined of their sound essence.
The linguist provides, following the narration of the Ṛigveda, that ‘Along with having given man the soul [an–ima, from the root an, “to breathe”], via Vāc, the Phrase, their daughter, the Cosmic Waters had given names to the gods, […] The phrase “identify”, nāman in Indo-European and Sanskrit, meant in reality “the thought [man] of the divine Waters [nā]”. [5]
Equally, one other etymological affinity enhances the intimate connection, within the phrase “concept, between mild and the divine: the Indo-European root of the phrase, *ID-, composed of the sounds “mild [d] in movement [i], thus expressing the “movement of sunshine, is carefully associated to the basis *DĪ-, which signifies the idea of divinity. See the Greek dīos, which implies each “heavenly and “divine, theós, god; the Latin dies, day, dius, “of the sky”, “luminous”, “divine”.
We add one other citation from Esoteric Astrology, taken from the interpretation of the signal of Aries, notably necessary for the assonance between mild and sound: the thought is assimilated to the Phrase of God. [6].

And it’s in reality this phrase, this logos, that Zeus/Jupiter, as father of the gods, magnetically diffuses within the photo voltaic area.
The facility of Jupiter, which, as we stated, in the present day locations its heliocentric abode in Aries, is corresponding to to create energetic vortices within the substance, able to increasing and dilating, of attracting, fusing and eventually synthesising, in a cyclical course of from which it’ll emerge, triumphant, the cosmic Christ/Zeus, the Saviour who will communicate the misplaced Phrase.

Such a phrase, which mythology remembers within the type of the legislative and ritual energy belonging to Zeus, is the vibrating wave of Love that innervates Area and which, by advantage of the constructive pressure that animates it, is able to shaping all kinds ranging from the first Concept that gives the Mannequin: “Jupiter… is the photo voltaic supply of Love and Knowledge”. [7]
Jupiter in Aries highlights exactly the attention of Concepts, that inside readability that permits us to understand the divine that shines within the everlasting archetypes and reverberates within the formal world, urging each consciousness to totally establish with what it loves.

And the center is the picture that reveals itself as essentially the most consultant of the clever and all-encompassing love of Jupiter, a coronary heart that beats rhythmically, attracts magnetically, governs your complete manifestation with knowledge and discrimination, illuminating it with its “celestial mild”: “It’s taught that God is love and Jupiter is magnetic love. It’s subsequently the Being of the System”. [8]
From this Being, on this Being, we can also ponder Concepts and grow to be an middleman for them; we can also deliver out that a part of the logos which pervades us and which makes us co-creators in a cosmos of luminous artistic consciousnesses; we too, having positioned our hearts within the hearth of Aries and within the temple of Jupiter, can grow to be magnets of affection.

“Divine Love is on the Centre.
Knock repeatedly on each coronary heart.
There isn’t any escape from its magnetic energy.”


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