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spaced repetition & Darwin’s golden rule – Thoughts Hacks

Spaced repetition is a reminiscence hack. We all know that spacing out your research is more practical than cramming, however utilizing an app you’ll be able to tailor your individual spaced repetition schedule, permitting you to effectively create dependable recollections for any materials you want.

Michael Nielsen, has a pleasant thread on his use of spaced repetition on twitter:

He covers how he chooses what to place into his assessment system, what the correct amount of knowledge is for every merchandise, and what reminiscence alone received’t offer you (understanding of the method which makes use of the memorised gadgets). Nielsen is fairly passionate about the advantages:

The one largest change is that reminiscence is not a haphazard occasion, to be left to probability. Quite, I can assure I’ll bear in mind one thing, with minimal effort: it makes reminiscence a  alternative.

There are many apps/programmes which can assist you run a spaced repetition system, however Nielsen used Anki (ankiweb.web), which is open supply, and has desktop and cell purchasers (which sync between themselves, which is beneficial if you wish to add info whereas at a pc, then assessment it in your cell whilst you wait in line for espresso or no matter).

Checking Anki out, it appears fairly good, and I’ve realised I can use it to beat a cognitive bias all of us undergo from: a bent to overlook details that are an inconvenient for our beliefs.

Charles Darwin notes this in his autobiography:

“I had, additionally, throughout a few years, adopted a golden rule, specifically, that each time a printed reality, a brand new commentary or thought got here throughout me, which was against my normal outcomes, to make a memorandum of it with out fail and directly; for I had discovered by expertise that such details and ideas have been much more apt to flee from the reminiscence than beneficial ones. Owing to this behavior, only a few objections have been raised in opposition to my views which I had not at the very least seen and tried to reply.”

(Darwin, 1856/1958, p123).

I’ve notebooks, and Darwin’s behavior of forgetting “unfavourable” details, however I’m wondering if my pondering is perhaps improved by not simply noting the details, however with the ability to maintain them in reminiscence – utilizing a spaced repetition system. I’m going to provide it a go.

Hyperlinks & Footnotes:

Anki app (ankiweb.web)

Wikipedia on house repetition programs

The Autobiography of Charles Darwin, 1809–1882, edited by Nora Barlow. London: Collins

For extra on the science, see this latest assessment for educators: Weinstein, Y., Madan, C. R., & Sumeracki, M. A. (2018). Educating the science of studying. Cognitive analysis: rules and implications, 3(1), 2.

I observe that Anki-based spaced repetition additionally does a aspect serving of retrieval observe and interleaving (different efficient studying methods).



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