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Satellite tv for pc Operators Face Restricted Choice of Small Launch Automobiles as Sector Slowly Emerges

Electron rocket launches on Nov. 4, 2022. (Credit score: Rocket Lab)

Within the first installment of this collection, Elon Musk Drinks Your Milkshake: The Influence of SpaceX Rideshare Missions on the Small Launch Market, we regarded on the impression of SpaceX’s 5 Transporter missions and different rideshare and secondary payload launches on the rising small satellite tv for pc launch trade.

We laid out how bigger rockets with payload capacities of 1,500 kg and above have launched greater than 700 payloads since January 2021. Devoted launches for SpaceX’s Starlink and OneWeb’s broadband constellations weren’t included in that determine. Smaller launch suppliers with payload capacities beneath 1,500 kg have launched 177 payloads throughout that very same interval.

On this submit, we want to take a better take a look at the 14 small launch autos which have flown over the previous two years to get a way of what providers can be found to satellite tv for pc operators. It seems that the choice is, in a phrase, restricted.

Launch Automobiles, Payload Capability Beneath 1,500 kg
2021-2022 Flights

Launch Car Most Payload Capability File 2021-22 General File Notes
United States      
Electron 300 kg to LEO 14-1 29-3 Most incessantly flown small booster in recent times
Pegasus 443 kg to LEO 1-0 40-3-2 Comparatively excessive price and low payload capability limits launch cadence
Minotaur I 580 kg to 185 km LEO 1-0 12-0  Largely restricted from launching business payloads
LauncherOne 500 kg to 230 km LEO 4-0 4-1 Restricted launch historical past
Firefly Alpha 1,170 kg to 200 km LEO 0-1-1 0-1-1 Restricted launch historical past
Rocket 3.3 25–150 kg to 500 km SSO 2-3 2-3 Retired because of a number of failures
Kuaizhou-1A 300 kg to LEO 7-1 16-2 Export restrictions restrict overseas payloads
Lengthy March 11 700 kg to LEO 3-0 11-0 Export restrictions restrict overseas payloads
Lengthy March 6 1,080 kg to 700 km SSO 6-0 10-0 Export restrictions restrict overseas payloads
Ceres-1 350 kg to LEO 3-0 4-0 Export restrictions restrict overseas payloads
Hyperbola-1 300 kg to LEO 0-3 1-3 Export restrictions restrict overseas payloads, a number of failures
Small Satellite tv for pc Launch Car 500 kg to LEO 0-1 0-1 No profitable flights, restricted launch historical past
Qased 10-50 kg to 500 km LEO 1-0 2-0 Export restrictions restrict overseas payloads, little launch historical past
Simorgh 800 kg to 200 km 0-2 0-4 Export restrictions restrict overseas payloads, no profitable launches
Supply: Wikipedia

Rocket Lab’s Electron is essentially the most launched small satellite tv for pc booster in recent times. The rocket has compiled a report of 29-3 since its maiden launch in Could 2017. The launch car can place 300 kg into Earth orbit at a price of about $7.5 million.

Amongst different startups, Virgin Orbit has a report of 4-1 with its LauncherOne booster since its maiden flight in Could 2020. The corporate expenses $12 million to launch as much as 500 kg into orbit.

LauncherOne ignites on its option to area. (Credit score: Virgin Orbit)

Firefly Aerospace’s Alpha booster scored its first success in October after failing on its maiden flight in 2021. The corporate declared the launch to be an entire success, however others have judged it to be a partial failure as a result of the payloads have been launched at in a lower-than-planned orbit and reentered the environment sooner than anticipated.

Astra Area determined to retire its Rocket 3.3 booster after it compiled a report of two successes and three failures over the previous two years. The corporate is now engaged on a extra highly effective Rocket 4.

Stargazer L-1011 with Pegasus XL rocket. (Credit score: Northrop Grumman)

As new launch autos have emerged to decrease the price of attending to orbit, older boosters have turn into more and more uncompetitive. Northrop Grumman’s Pegasus XL air-launched rocket, which first flew in 1990, has solely launched 5 instances prior to now decade because of its excessive price of $40 million and comparatively low payload capability.

Northrop Grumman additionally launches a household of Minotaur rockets assembled from decommissioned intercontinental ballistic missile levels. Most Minotaur variants are restricted to launching authorities payloads in order that business corporations don’t compete with surplus federal property. Minotaur rockets have launched solely six orbital missions prior to now decade.

Artist’s conception of Ceres 1 launch car on launch pad. (Credit score: Galactic Power)

Chinese language Launch Automobiles

China has created a secure of launch autos designed to serve the small satellite tv for pc market. 5 boosters compiled a report of 19 successes and 4 failures over the previous two years. They’ve an total report of 42 successes and 5 failures. The Hyperbola-1 booster skilled three of the 5 failures.

Western entry to Chinese language launch autos is restricted because of export legal guidelines designed to restrict know-how switch. Twenty-two of the 23 Chinese language small boosters launched over the previous two years carried satellites owned and operated by home entities. One launch carried satellites for a German firm that have been constructed by the Chinese language Academy of Sciences.

Iran is in the same scenario with its small satellite tv for pc launch autos, which have been used for home satellites.

Small Satellite tv for pc Launch Car lifts off on maiden flight. (Credit score: ISRO)

Indian Boosters

The Indian Area Analysis Group (ISRO) has been profitable in launching small satellites on rideshare missions aboard its Polar Satellite tv for pc Launch Car (PSLV). Satellite tv for pc operators from everywhere in the world have made use of the dependable and inexpensive launch car.

India’s effort to develop a smaller booster has but to bear fruit. The Small Satellite tv for pc Launch Car failed throughout its maiden flight in August because of an anomaly of the fourth stage.

Plenty of non-public corporations are growing small satellite tv for pc launchers, however none has tried an orbital flight but. Skyroot Aerospace made historical past final month when it turned the primary non-public Indian firm to launch a rocket. The corporate’s suborbital Vikram-S rocket reached an altitude of 89.5 miles (55.6 miles) throughout its maiden launch.

Second Firefly Alpha rocket on the launch pad at Vandenberg Area Pressure Base in California. (Credit score: Firefly Aerospace)


Though greater than 100 corporations shaped to pursue the event of launch autos to serve the small satellite tv for pc market, only a few have emerged to this point to serve that market area of interest. Within the West, Rocket Lab’s Electron is the one booster with any important launch historical past. China has fielded a number of smallsat launch autos, however entry to them is restricted by know-how switch issues.

Further launch autos will emerge within the years forward. Extra competitors will present extra choices for satellite tv for pc operators and maintain costs in test.

Elevated choices may also create challenges for launch suppliers. Launch is a excessive price, low margin enterprise, particularly for corporations that can’t reuse their rockets. Firms will face competitors from different small satellite tv for pc suppliers in addition to from corporations providing rideshare and secondary payload launches on bigger rockets. It’s going to be a troublesome sector wherein to thrive.

In a future installment, we’ll take a look at how small satellite tv for pc launch suppliers are addressing the challenges they face.



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