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Saichania – Information and Photos

Fast Saichania Information

  • Lived in what’s now often called China
  • Lived throughout the late Cretaceous interval
  • Was 2 automobile lengths lengthy
  • Weighed as a lot as 2 giraffes
  • Was an herbivore

Saichania Photos

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About Saichania

Saichania is a dinosaur that was first found in Mongolia throughout the Seventies. It was named Saichania by Teresa Maryańska and that title means “stunning one.” It wasn’t on condition that title as a result of it was prettier than every other dinosaur however as an alternative was given this title as a result of the bones that had been discovered had been in pristine situation.

This dinosaur lived throughout the late Cretaceous interval, about 75 million years in the past. It lived in what’s now Mongolia and China. Nonetheless, at the moment, the local weather of those two areas was vastly completely different than it’s now. It will have been a desert with big sand dunes that had been interspersed with oases.

Saichania, like most ankylosaurs, had been herbivores and ate solely vegetable matter. Crops that it might have eaten throughout this time period embrace bennettitales, ginkgo, palms and seed ferns.

For those who take a look at Saichania footage, then you definitely’ll shortly discover that this dinosaur was closely armored with rows of bone spurs or spikes up and down its physique. You’d additionally discover that it has a big and really heavy hammer tail that it might use as a weapon to defend itself.

What you gained’t see within the illustrations, nevertheless, is that it had a really powerful palate (wanted for chewing up powerful vegetation) and had an advanced severe of air passages all through its cranium. Paleontologists aren’t positive why they’d these nasal passages, however a few of them say that it’s in all probability as a consequence of the truth that they lived in a really dry local weather and these passages served as a option to retain moisture.

Some attention-grabbing information about Saichania embrace the information that it was 21 toes lengthy and weighed roughly 5600 kilos. That signifies that it was about so long as two automobiles positioned finish to finish and weighed as a lot as 2 giraffes put collectively.

Saichania Photos



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