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Rheological traits of novel cellulose/superbase-derived ionic liquid options and coagulation course of in the direction of regenerated cellulose movies

The preparation of regenerated cellulose (RC) supplies with excessive efficiency through dissolution processing depends on the properties of the cellulose resolution and the situations of the coagulation tub. Herein, a novel sustainable superbase-derived ionic liquid (SIL, [DBUH][CH3CH2OCH2COO]) with glorious solubility (14.83 wt% at 80 oC) for bleached softwood kraft pulp (BSKP, DP=526) was demonstrated. The rheological traits of cellulose/[DBUH][CH3CH2OCH2COO] options and the regeneration strategy of cellulose had been first systematically investigated. Outcomes indicated that the cellulose focus and temperature considerably affected the obvious viscosity (η), structural viscosity index (Δη), overlap focus (c*), entanglement focus (ce), activation vitality (Eη), storage modulus (G’), and loss modulus (G”). Notably, the 12 wt% cellulose resolution possessed beneficial temperature-sensitive properties with an activation vitality of 55.428 kJ·mol-1 and the gel-sol transition temperature of 59.5 oC, presenting superior viscoelasticity to imidazolium-based ILs/cellulose in fibre spinning. Furthermore, these properties of cellulose options supplied important benefits for the next preparation of RC movies. Evaluating the properties of RC movies ready in varied coagulation baths, cellulose movie regenerated from ethanol exhibited excessive transparency (as much as 90% at 800 nm) and excellent mechanical properties (tensile energy: 120 MPa; elongation at break: 12%). On this regard, it was inferred that the diffusion charges between [DBUH][CH3CH2OCH2COO] and ethanol contributed to the development of RC movies with excessive crystallinity and dense morphology. Therefore, [DBUH][CH3CH2OCH2COO] as a solvent and ethanol as a coagulation tub could be a promising industrial processing platform for manufacturing high-performance cellulose supplies.



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