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Mild remedy might be a promising non-drug therapy possibility for a number of sclerosis-related fatigue

A number of Sclerosis (MS) is sort of at all times accompanied by fatigue, an enormous tiredness that’s described by the overwhelming majority of sufferers as probably the most distressing symptom. In a current scientific examine, a analysis group led by Stefan Seidel from the Division of Neurology at MedUni Vienna and AKH Vienna recognized gentle remedy as a promising non-drug therapy possibility: sufferers included within the examine confirmed a measurable enchancment after simply 14 days of use. The examine outcomes had been not too long ago printed within the A number of Sclerosis Journal – Experimental, Translational and Medical.

For the primary time, Stefan Seidel’s analysis crew relied not solely on surveys but in addition on goal measurements when choosing the check individuals. For instance, sleep-wake issues had been dominated out within the 26 taking part MS sufferers, significantly with the help of varied sleep medication examinations.

On this method, for instance, we ensured that MS sufferers with fatigue don’t undergo from sleep apnea or periodic leg actions throughout sleep. Each are sleep issues that may result in fatigue in on a regular basis life.”

Stefan Seidel, examine chief

Efficiency enchancment

The check individuals – all sufferers of the Neurology Division at MedUni Vienna and AKH Vienna – had been geared up with commercially out there gentle sources for self-testing at dwelling: Half of the members acquired a daylight lamp with a brightness of 10,000 lux, whereas the opposite half acquired an equivalent lamp that emitted a crimson gentle with an depth of <300 lux attributable to a filter. Whereas the crimson gentle utilized by the management group confirmed no impact, the researchers had been in a position to observe measurable successes within the different group after solely 14 days: The members who used their 10,000 lux daylight lamp for half an hour every single day confirmed improved bodily and psychological efficiency after solely a brief time frame. As well as, the group of members who had consumed vibrant gentle displayed much less daytime sleepiness compared with the opposite group.

As much as 99 p.c of sufferers

Fatigue is a extreme type of tiredness and fatigability that happens in 75 to 99 p.c of individuals with MS and is described as significantly distressing. Nerve injury triggered by MS is being mentioned because the trigger. Along with behavioral measures, similar to common relaxation breaks, varied drugs are at present out there to alleviate fatigue, however a few of these are related to extreme negative effects. “The findings from our examine signify a promising non-drug therapeutic method,” Stefan Seidel affirms. Nevertheless, the outcomes nonetheless must be confirmed in a subsequent larger-scale examine. The precise background of the invigorating impact of sunshine remedy on MS sufferers can even be the topic of additional scientific analysis.


Medical College of Vienna

Journal reference:

Voggenberger, L., et al. (2022) Vivid gentle remedy as a non-pharmacological therapy possibility for a number of sclerosis-related fatigue: A randomised sham-controlled trial. A number of Sclerosis Journal – Experimental, Translational and Medical. doi.org/10.1177/20552173221133262.



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