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Mediterranean weight loss program supercharges pores and skin remedy, clears up atopic dermatitis in teen

A case report of a affected person with atopic dermatitis revealed within the journal Vitamins highlights the significance of wholesome dietary regimens in lowering signs of atopic dermatitis.

Examine: The Function of the Western Food regimen on Atopic Dermatitis: Our Expertise and Evaluation of the Present Literature. Picture Credit score: IrinaFoto / Shutterstock.com


A balanced weight loss program with wholesome meals performs a significant position in enhancing bodily and psychological well being and lowering the danger of varied detrimental well being situations, together with cardiometabolic ailments. In distinction, unhealthy meals, which must be prevented or consumed carefully, can probably enhance the danger of weight problems, diabetes, and coronary heart illness.

The consumption of a Western-style weight loss program, typically wealthy in processed or ultra-processed meals, sugary drinks, and animal merchandise and low in fiber, nutritional vitamins, and minerals, is growing worldwide. That is accompanied by a worldwide enhance in morbidity and mortality.

Extremely-processed meals are pro-inflammatory and have important damaging well being results. These meals can affect the intestine microbiota and enhance the abundance of pathogenic microorganisms chargeable for inflammatory ailments. Actual-world proof signifies that ultra-processed meals can considerably enhance the danger of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular ailments and all-cause mortality.  

Dietary publicity additionally performs a significant position in triggering inflammatory pores and skin ailments, together with atopic dermatitis. This illness is characterised by recurrent itchy lesions that may considerably cut back a person’s general high quality of life. The intestine microbiota performs an necessary position within the improvement of atopic dermatitis by regulating the immune system maturation, particularly within the early years of life.

Earlier research investigating dietary interventions for continual ailments point out that probiotics, prebiotics, vitamin and mineral dietary supplements, and wholesome dietary habits could be efficient for treating and stopping atopic dermatitis.

Case report

The present examine reported the case of a 14-year-old boy who introduced with a six-year historical past of eczematous pores and skin lesions in numerous physique elements that have been suggestive of atopic dermatitis. The affected person was additionally experiencing bronchial asthma, sleep disturbances, and irritability. The affected person was underneath long-term remedy with topical steroids and calcineurin inhibitors; nevertheless, no important remedy impact was famous.

The medical examination of the affected person revealed an itchy eczematous eruption on the leg, in addition to some small lesions on each the forearms and pinnae, in addition to the affected person’s face. The scratching of affected physique elements resulted in a skinny and sticky discharge. The affected person reported experiencing an aggravation of signs at evening and an enchancment of signs with moist wraps.

Upon additional examination, the affected person additionally introduced with kind 1 weight problems, a waist-to-hip ratio of 1, and excessive fasting blood glucose. Primarily based on these observations, the affected person was recognized with metabolic syndrome. Moreover, the dietary analysis revealed that the affected person primarily consumed a Western weight loss program.

After enrollment, the affected person was handled with dupilumab, which is a monoclonal antibody focusing on interleukin 13 (IL-13) and IL-4. A partial enchancment in decrease limb lesions and a discount in erythema, pores and skin thickening, and itching have been noticed after eight weeks of the remedy. Nonetheless, no important enchancment within the affected person’s general high quality of life was noticed on the first follow-up go to.

However, dupilumab was continued, and the affected person was ultimately reevaluated after 18 weeks of the remedy. At this subsequent go to, the affected person exhibited full decision of lively lesions and absence of itching and sleep disturbance signs.

The affected person continued to report hyperpigmentation within the higher limbs. Additional medical evaluations revealed a big discount within the affected person’s physique weight and fasting blood glucose stage.

On the 18-week follow-up go to, the affected person talked about consulting a nutritionist one week after the primary follow-up go to. The nutritionist prescribed a dietary routine primarily based on the Mediterranean weight loss program, which was enriched with greens, fruits, and entire grains. The affected person reported strictly following the prescribed weight loss program.


The case report introduced within the present examine highlights the significance of dietary regimens in augmenting the therapeutic efficacy of monoclonal antibodies for managing inflammatory pores and skin ailments like atopic dermatitis.

Along with its cardio-metabolic advantages, the Mediterranean weight loss program has well-established immunomodulatory actions. This case report reveals that dupilumab remedy together with a Mediterranean weight loss program routine is very efficient for the whole decision of signs related to atopic dermatitis.    

Journal reference:

  • Ilaria, P., Ersillia, T., Nicoletta, B., et al. (2023). The Function of the Western Food regimen on Atopic Dermatitis: Our Expertise and Evaluation of the Present Literature. Vitamins. doi:10.3390/nu15183896


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