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Maybe a supervoid does not clarify the mysterious CMB chilly spot

Perhaps a supervoid doesn't explain the mysterious CMB cold spot
The Cosmic Microwave Background’s (CMB) “Chilly Spot” – a bit that’s colder than its environment. Credit score: WMAP Science Group, NASA

For years, cosmologists had thought {that a} unusual function showing within the microwave sky, often called the CMB chilly spot, was because of the gentle passing by means of a large supervoid. However new analysis casts that conclusion into doubt.

The cosmic microwave background (CMB) is the one best supply of sunshine in all of the universe. It utterly permeates all of house and is made of sunshine leftover from when the cosmos was solely 380,000 years outdated. At the moment, our universe had expanded and cooled to the purpose that it may transition from a scorching, dense plasma right into a barely cooler, however impartial, gasoline. That course of launched white-hot radiation with a temperature of round 10,000 Ok. Within the intervening 13.8 billion years, nonetheless, that radiation has cooled and redshifted right down to round three levels above absolute zero, which places that radiation firmly within the microwave regime.

Inside that gentle there are tiny bumps, wiggles and variations in brightness. These variations unfold throughout the sky and are extremely tiny, with variations no larger than one half in 100,000. These variations characterize tiny density variations within the early universe that might finally develop as much as change into galaxies and clusters. Cosmologists perceive the statistical properties of those bumps and wiggles to an ideal diploma, however there’s one important outlier often called the chilly spot.

The chilly spot is about 10° throughout, and whereas it isn’t exceptionally chilly, the mixture of its decrease temperature and its monumental dimension places it exterior of what we might count on from our normal mannequin of cosmology.

One believable speculation to clarify the chilly spot is that the sunshine in that route of the cosmic microwave background has traveled by means of a really giant patch of the universe that’s much less dense than common, one thing referred to as a supervoid.

As a result of the supervoid is so giant, it takes an infinite period of time for gentle to cross it. And through that point the void itself grows bigger and deeper because the universe evolves. That signifies that when the sunshine entered the supervoid, the void was smaller than when the sunshine exited. This distinction saps power from the radiation, inflicting it to chill and redshift greater than the typical for the remainder of the CMB.

Galaxy surveys have proven the potential presence of a supervoid within the route of the chilly spot. However a brand new examine exhibits that the recognized supervoids in that route can solely clarify a fraction of the dimensions and temperature of the chilly spot. Certainly, the brand new evaluation exhibits that there can’t be a big sufficient supervoid in that route, even one hidden behind the boundaries of our present observational capabilities.

The brand new analysis, revealed on the preprint server arXiv, doesn’t suggest an answer to the chilly spot thriller, but it surely does inform us that we’ve got much more to study.

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Stephen Owusu et al, The CMB chilly spot beneath the lens: ruling out a supervoid interpretation, arXiv (2022). DOI: 10.48550/arxiv.2211.16139

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