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I Know Dino Podcast Present Notes: Nodosaurus (Episode 223)

Episode 223 is all about Nodosaurus, the unique member of Nodosauridae: The clade of ankylosaurs with out tail golf equipment.

Interview with Thomas Hopp, scientist, inventor, lecturer, and creator. He’s written plenty of quick tales and novels, together with the science fiction sequence Dinosaur Wars.

Dinosaur Wars: Earthfall
Hatching Alamosaurus

He has additionally proposed that dinosaurs advanced feathers on their hindlimbs to heat their nests. Listed here are PDFs of his feather paper and his poster from SVP.

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On this episode, we talk about:


  • A brand new American Tyrannosauroid, Moros intrepidus, was about 30 million years youthful than T. rex and 1% its measurement supply
  • The Irish coast guard have been known as to get well some T. rex bones which turned out to be a hoax supply
  • Matt Lamanna, will current “Diving for Dinosaurs: Cretaceous fossils from Croatia” on the Carnegie Museum of Pure Historical past supply
  • Pismo Seaside, California, had a grand re-opening just lately for Dinosaur Caves Park supply
  • Within the UK, now you can purchase Easter-themed chocolate dinosaurs at each Aldi and Marks & Spencer supply
  • Metahub posted a listing of the very best and worst dinosaurs in Jurassic World Alive supply

The dinosaur of the day: Nodosaurus

  • Ankylosaur that lived within the Late Cretaceous in what’s now North America
  • Herbivorous
  • Estimated to be about 13 to twenty ft (4 to six m) lengthy
  • Had bony plates on the highest of its physique, and will have had spikes on the facet of its physique
  • Bony plates have been like bands, alternating between slender and huge bands over the ribs
  • The broader bands have been additionally coated in bony knobs
  • Had a brief neck and an extended, stiff tail (no membership)
  • Had a small, slender head, pointed snout, small tooth, and highly effective jaws
  • Had 5 toes on every foot
  • Had highly effective forelimbs
  • Named in 1889 by Othniel Charles Marsh (very transient description)
  • Richard Swan Lull gave a extra detailed description in 1921
  • Lull additionally described flat scutes, spines, and plates, although he didn’t illustrate them
  • Carpenter and Kirkland revisited the outline in 1998
  • In 2015, a 4-year-old boy, Wylie Brys discovered what’s considered a Nodosaurus fossil in Mansfield, Texas. He and his father Tim have been wanting round behind a shopping mall. At first they thought it was s turtle fossil. They reached out to Southern Methodist College and labored with them to excavate the world
  • Kind species is Nodosaurus textilis
  • Identify means “knobbed lizard”
  • Species identify refers back to the texture close to the top (small ossifications in quadrangular type, organized in rows. Marsh stated “The exterior floor is perculiarly marked by a texture that seems interwoven, like a rough fabric. This has instructed the species identify.”
  • Nodosaurus is the sort genus for the nodosaurid group
  • Two teams in Ankylosauria: nodosaurids and ankylosaurids
  • Nodosaurids are often extra primitive, they usually don’t have tail golf equipment, and usually skulls usually are not as quick or broad as ankylosaurids, and the skulls weren’t coated in scutes
  • Can see Nodosaurus within the Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs (a.ok.a. Normanpedia), illustrated by John Sibbick in 1889
  • Can even see Nodosaurus within the Land Earlier than Time sequence (seems within the third film, as a personality named Nod)
  • Can even see Nodosaurus within the sport Jurassic World Evoution (unlock by way of the Hammond Basis whenever you full the Science Division’s mission on Isla Tacaño. Mannequin relies on Borealopelta

Enjoyable Truth:
For the tyrannosaur linneage to evolve from Moros interpidus measurement to T. rex measurement they might have wanted to develop about 4 grams per era.S



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