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I Know Dino Podcast Present Notes: Mussaurus (Episode 220)

Episode 220 is all about Mussaurus, the “mouse lizard” sauropodomorph from Argentina.

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On this episode, we talk about:


  • A brand new Amargasaurus relative, Bajadasaurus, was described with some superb neck spines supply
  • A dinosaur foot together with feathers and scutes was discovered preserved in amber supply
  • The unique feather that outlined Archaeopteryx might not belong to Archaeopteryx because it’s now outlined supply
  • A brand new dinosaur fossil went on show in Japan and would be the county’s oldest dinosaur fossil supply
  • An occasion known as Educate Rex in Liverpool within the UK supply
  • The brand new proprietor of a Flintstones theme park in Arizona plans to partially repurpose it for birding supply
  • A brand new web site is digitizing chook skeletons, to this point principally from New Zealand supply
  • Each Dippy the Diplodocus and Trix the T. rex will quickly be on show collectively in Glasgow, Scotland supply
  • There’s a brand new play within the UK about Gideon Mantell, known as Dinomania supply

The dinosaur of the day: Mussaurus

  • Sauropodomorph that lived within the Late Triassic in what’s now southern Argentina (El Tranquilo Formation)
  • Identify means “mouse lizard”
  • Discovered within the Seventies by Jose Bonaparte and crew (discovered eggs and hatchlings)
  • Described in 1979 by Jose Bonaparte and Martin Vince
  • Discovered small juveniles and toddler skeletons at first (about mouse-sized, and the explanation for mouse title); discovered seven juveniles and a pair eggs. Nest was about 215 million years previous
  • Juveniles had been between 7.8 to 14.5 in (20 to 37 cm) lengthy
  • Now some grownup specimens have been discovered (one subadult and three adults)
  • Grownup specimens described in 2013
  • Some specimens had been described in 1980 however had been labeled on the time as Plateosaurus
  • May develop as much as 10 ft (3 m) lengthy and weighed as much as 150 lb (70 kg)
  • Juveniles had shorter snouts, bigger nasal bones, and bigger eye sockets than adults
  • Eggs had skinny shells
  • Had lengthy forelimbs, so in all probability was quadrupedal (walked on 4 legs)
  • Since some hatchlings had been close to the nest with the eggs, might point out some parental care (additionally, with juveniles had totally different proportions than adults)
  • Could have been herbivorous, and will have additionally eaten bugs
  • Sort species is Mussaurus patagonicus
  • Talked about in The Misplaced World novel by Michael Crichton (the character Richard Levine picks up a small Mussaurus on Isla Sorna early on within the ebook)
  • Additionally within the comedian collection Jurassic Park: Redemption

Enjoyable Truth:
Gizzards can current an issue for dinosaurs after they eat one thing sharp.


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