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I Know Dino Podcast Present Notes: Dromaeosaurus (Episode 224)

Episode 224 is all about Dromaeosaurus, the larger badder cousin of velociraptor with a chunk about 3 times as sturdy.

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On this episode, we focus on:


  • A brand new child oviraptorid, Gobiraptor minutus, from Cretaceous Mongolia which will have eaten bivalves supply
  • The primary stegosaur named in Mongolia, Mongolostegus exspectabilis, could also be the newest stegosaur discovered up to now supply
  • A brand new article in Nature exhibits that two-thirds of 3D scan information isn’t shared on-line, largely so authors can solely use it for future work supply
  • The Montana Home of Representatives handed the invoice that claims fossils are a part of a property’s floor property, not the mineral property supply
  • The Nationwide Showcaves Centre for Wales offered a 15ft tall 30 ft lengthy Allosaurus sculpture to create space for brand spanking new sculptures supply

The dinosaur of the day: Dromaeosaurus

  • Theropod that lived within the Late Cretaceous in what’s now the western U.S. and Alberta, Canada
  • Not many fossils discovered
  • Holotype features a partial cranium (lacking many of the high of the snout), and a few foot bones
  • Discovery of different dromaeosaurids have helped fill within the gaps about Dromaeosaurus (Dakotaraptor, Utahraptor, different raptors, and so on.)
  • About 6.6 ft (2 m) lengthy and weighed about 33 lb (15 kg)
  • Had a strong cranium, and sharp enamel
  • Phil Currie revealed a examine of Dromaeosaurus in 1994 and mentioned the “braincase bones will not be pneumatized” (heavy)
  • Most likely had a great sense of odor
  • Had strong enamel, that had loads of put on and tear (in all probability used to crush and tear, or “puncture and pull”, not slice flesh)
  • Therrien and others in 2005 mentioned Dromaeosaurus’ chunk was nearly 3 times extra highly effective than Velociraptor and will have used its jaws greater than its sickle claw
  • Could have gone after massive prey, and will have eaten bone (comparable feeding technique to tyrannosaurids)
  • Had a sickle claw on every foot
  • Kind species is Dromaeosaurus albertensis
  • Described in 1922 by William Diller Matthew and Barnum Brown
  • Title means “swift operating lizard”
  • Species identify refers to Alberta
  • Fossils present in 1914 on an American Museum of Pure Historical past expedition at Purple Deer River (space now a part of Dinosaur Provincial Park)
  • Seven different species had been named, largely based mostly on fragments. Some have been reclassified as different genera (Troodon, Velociraptor), and the remaining are thought-about nomina dubia.
  • Matthew and Brown put Dromaeosaurus in its personal subfamily Dromaeosaurinae, underneath Deinodontidae, however in 1969 John Ostrom mentioned it was just like Velociraptor and Deinonychus, and assigned them to Dromaeosauridae (many extra dinosaurs discovered, so there are many subfamilies inside Dromaeosauridae, together with Dromaeosaurinae)
  • Dromaeosaurs had been small to medium sized feathered carnivorous theropods that lived within the Cretaceous
  • They’re typically often called raptors (one of the vital well-known ones is Velociraptor)
  • Discovered all around the world, on six continents, and probably some enamel in Australia (so perhaps all seven continents)
  • Intently associated to birds
  • Bob Bakker and John Ostrom used droameosaurs (Deinonychus) to indicate dinosaurs had been quick and good, and associated to trendy birds
  • Usually they’d massive skulls, serrated enamel, good binocular imaginative and prescient, massive arms, lengthy tails, and sickle claws on their toes (stored this toe off the bottom when strolling), and doubtless all had been feathered
  • Can see a forged on the Royal Tyrrell Museum’s Subject Station (pack of Dromaeosaurus attacking a Lambeosaurus)

Enjoyable Truth:
Mongolostegus/Wuerhosaurus could also be the newest stegosaur, however there have been more moderen tracks present in Australia, in order that could be a great place to discover a more moderen stegosaur.



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