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I Know Dino Podcast Present Notes: Atlascopcosaurus (Episode 225)

Episode 225 is all about Atlascopcosaurus, an Early Cretaceous iguanodont from southern Australia.

We additionally interview Michael D’Emic, Assistant Professor of Biology at Adelphi College. He has studied dinosaur physique measurement evolution, bone tissues, and tooth. We talk about the loopy variety of tooth that Majungasaurus grew, Allosaurus development variation, why some Titanosaurs had osteoderms, and much more. Comply with him on Twitter @astrophocaudia

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On this episode, we talk about:


  • A brand new ornithopod, Galleonosaurus dorisae, was present in Southern Victoria, Australia supply
  • A bunch of 29 younger ornithopods have been named Convolosaurus marri in Texas supply
  • Jurassic Nationwide Monument in Utah was confirmed as a part of a brand new public lands invoice supply
  • India is planning on constructing their very own model of the Smithsonian Museum, referred to as the Indian Museum of Earth supply
  • Calgary Zoo in Canada is giving its Dinny the Dinosaur statue a $200,000 makeover supply
  • An animatronic dinosaur trip is coming to the Bronx Zoo in April supply
  • In Berkeley New Jersey, there’ll quickly be a brand new dinosaur outdoors Sand Fortress Diner, to maintain Bud the Bayville dinosaur firm supply
  • Publication Studio Video games created a enjoyable textual content primarily based, select your personal journey recreation, referred to as A Dinosaur Named David Swims in a Japanese pool supply
  • Now you can purchase a toy mannequin model of the Google Chrome T. rex supply

The dinosaur of the day: Atlascopcosaurus

  • Basal iguanodont that lived within the Early Cretaceous in what’s now Australia (Eumeralla Formation)
  • Kind species is Atlascopcosaurus loadsi
  • Identify means “Atlas Copco lizard”
  • Named after the Atlas Copco Firm, who offered the tools for the dig in 1984
  • Species identify is in honor of William Hundreds, the state supervisor for Atlas Coco, who helped with the dig
  • Holotype contains a part of the higher jaw, partial maxilla
  • Referred specimens had tooth, maxilla, and dentaries
  • Estimates primarily based on intently associated species
  • Estimated to be 6.5 to 10 ft (2 to three m) lengthy and weighed about 275 lb (125 kg)
  • First fossil present in 1979 (higher jaw discovered by Francois Bussat, a part of a bunch of researchers within the Otway Coast)
  • Present in 1984
  • First dinosaur maxilla present in Victoria, Australia
  • Described in 1988 and 1989 by Tom Wealthy and Patricia Vickers-Wealthy
  • Present in the identical formation as Leaellynasaura (named by the identical folks, additionally in 1989, coated in episode 71)
  • Initially referred to Hypsilophodontidae, however in 2004 Norman and others instructed it was intently associated to Gasparinisaura (an ornithopod from South America), and in 2010 Agnolin and others instructed it had loads in frequent with Gasparinisaura and Anabisetia (iguanodont from South America) although Agnolin additionally thought-about Atlascopcosaurus to be a nomen dubium, although not everybody agrees

Enjoyable Reality:
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