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I and the Father are One – TPS – English

We rejoice right this moment the Solar getting into Gemini, the signal the place we expertise the pairs of opposites, the interplay between the 2 twins: soul and type, resulting in the very fusion of all polarities; the clever technique of unification and synthesis.

Allow us to subsequently solemnly sound forth into the dwelling Area, bearer of the Common Consciousness, the Christic assertion related to this Signal (see the introductory article):


The Grasp of Masters, by means of his works gave the required steps to know the Father, the paranormal time period for the Monad, “the origin and aim for the reincarnating Jiva or human being”. (Alice Bailey A Treatise on Cosmic Hearth)

“If The New Testomony is true in its presentation of the Christ, whether it is true in its repetition of His phrases, that we are able to do “higher issues” than He did, and whether it is true in that He instructed us to “be good whilst our Father in Heaven is ideal”, what’s there improper in our recognising the capability of a human being to maintain tempo with the thoughts of Christ and to know what He intends us to know? Christ stated that “if any man will do the need of God, he shall know”; that was how the Christ Himself learnt and that’s the mode He assures us might be profitable for every of us.” (Alice Bailey, The Reappearance of the Christ)

To Be we should Need, to know we should Know.

“The phrase to ‘know’ (in relation to the initiate-consciousness of the Christ and of nonetheless lesser initiates) issues the understanding of the data the provoke has gained by means of experiment, expertise and expression. The primary faint tremor of response to monadic ‘future’ and to the widespread common affect a Son of God can exert makes itself felt within the consciousness of the Christ—as it should within the consciousness of all those that obey His injunction and arrive on the perfection which He identified as attainable. The best divine high quality or side now makes itself felt within the lifetime of the progressing Son of God; He is aware of the that means of intelligence; He realises the importance of affection and its engaging high quality. Now—due to these two recognitions—He turns into conscious of the efficiency of will and of the fact of the divine intention which that can should (at any price) implement. This was the key disaster of the Christ.” (Alice Bailey, The Reappearance of the Christ)

The trail of development and growth of Consciousness results in the transformation and refinement of the character, destined to change into the car first of the Soul (the Photo voltaic Angel), then of the Monad.

“Finally the Indweller of the shape feels the urge, or engaging pull, of its Personal Self. The reincarnating jiva, for example, misplaced within the maze of phantasm, begins in course of time to recognise (underneath the Legislation of Attraction) the vibration of its personal Ego, which stands to it because the Logos of its personal system, its deity within the three worlds of expertise. Later, when the physique egoic itself is seen as phantasm, the vibration of the Monad is felt, and the jiva, working underneath the identical legislation, works its approach again by means of the matter of the 2 planes of superhuman evolution, until it’s merged in its personal essence.” (Alice Bailey A Treatise on Cosmic Hearth)

The Christ is a cosmic Agent of Will, Love and Intelligence, he united Humanity with the Hierarchy by means of his expertise and with the assistance of Grasp Jesus introduced all this to the fabric airplane.

He thus confirmed the that means of being a Server, a Monad that “TRANSFORMS ALL THINGS”, giving us the opportunity of realizing the way in which to the Father, to know him, imitate him and be one with him, in our each day lives. He’s our TOUCHSTONE, or position Mannequin.

“Name Hierarchy your touchstone, upon which you’ll check the effectivity of high quality; for if you don’t admit the existence of one of the best and essentially the most luminous, then there is no such thing as a must safeguard and ideal your individual Monad. The existence of Hierarchy is the muse of the complete life. Keep in mind that Hierarchy acts by means of the legion of Service. Don’t delay in assembling these legions, for there is no such thing as a job extra profitable than Service to Hierarchy.” (Agni Yoga, Hierarchy § 212)

Simplicity, Magnificence, Fact are the foundations of the journey, of the pilgrimage to the Father’s house, in quest of the distant worlds, of that reminiscence inside us, as a result of in essence we ARE MONADS.

“Be not shocked that the only examples typically show to be essentially the most expressive. Setting forth on a distant journey, individuals look ahead to seeing one thing engaging; if this doesn’t occur, the journey seems to be very abhorrent to them. Likewise, we should always develop to like the concept of the Delicate World and the far-off worlds. One can so frighten oneself concerning the far-off worlds that even a transfer towards them will seem like inadmissible. Individuals often have such a dark way of thinking towards every thing of one other world that they could be likened to a rueful traveler who has misplaced all his baggage. Let individuals be involved with suggesting to themselves one of the best potentialities for achievement on the distant path. They are going to thus enter into the area of thought. It will likely be unattainable for one to endure who thinks superbly! He’ll enter the Father’s Home, sensing prematurely all of the blessed treasures. Likewise should be comprehended the trail to Brotherhood.” (Agni Yoga, Brotherhood § 160)

Gemini represents the fusion of opposites, to manifest unity.

I and the Father are One





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