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How To Bond With Your Cat – 10 Attainable Methods

Final Up to date on: October 17, 2022 by Crystal Uys

In case you’re struggling to develop a bond with a brand new cat, you’re not alone. As cat lovers, we’ve all been there. Cats have a type of communication that’s very distinct from human communication. These variations could make bonding a difficult expertise for each cats and other people.

Luckily, there are a number of issues that you are able to do to assist set up a powerful bond together with your cat. Discovering the fitting mixture might help your cat to belief you and need to be round you. It’ll take some trial and error and numerous persistence, however it’s very potential to kind and strengthen your bond together with your cat. Listed here are some issues that I’ve discovered might help you determine that bond.

Prime 10 Methods to Bond With Your Cat:

1. Be taught About Cat Conduct

Cat looking at owner
Picture Credit score: Cottonbro, Pexels

Considered one of my favourite methods to bond together with your cat is to know common cat conduct. Cats don’t talk like people, so it’s important to be taught to select up on their physique language cues to know the way it’s feeling.

For instance, a contented and trusting cat will typically look relaxed, have half-opened eyes, and have its guard down. In distinction, a fearful cat may have ears which can be mendacity flat towards its head and dilated pupils. It’ll even have an arched again and raised tail.

While you be taught to precisely learn your cat’s conduct, you may make extra acceptable selections about how one can work together with it. If it’s trying relaxed, then it’s acceptable to pet your cat. In case your cat’s trying tense, you’ll need to determine what’s making it really feel cautious.

2. Persist with a Routine

Woman Playing with Cat Outdoors
Picture Credit score: Helena Lopes, Pexels

Most cats will recognize a routine, particularly in the event that they’re significantly anxious. So, in case you develop a common routine, you’ll create a secure and cozy setting on your cat.

One straightforward method to create a routine on your cat is to develop a constant morning routine for your self. When you don’t need to observe a strict timeline, you’ll be able to attempt to do duties in the identical order. Your cat will ultimately choose up on the routine and reply accordingly.

3. Give Your Cat Area

Gray Cat Near Gray Vase With Sunflower
Picture Credit score: Cats Coming, Pexels

Cats do benefit from the firm of their people, however they will additionally recognize alone time. Subsequently, it’s useful to know its physique language to find out in case your cat desires to have interaction in a play session or would moderately be by itself.

If a cat has flattened ears and dilated pupils and its tail is twitching or wagging, it’s signaling that it’s feeling agitated. It’s finest so that you can again off and provides this cat loads of house.

4. Let Your Cat Strategy You First

Cat meowing
Picture Credit score: JackieLou DL, Pixabay

It’s comprehensible to need to have interaction with a brand new kitten or cat as quickly as you convey it residence. Nevertheless, in my expertise, cats will want time to regulate and turn out to be comfy with new environments.

So, together with giving cats house, be sure to additionally give them time to really feel comfy sufficient to method you. Approaching a scared or agitated cat will solely make it really feel extra unsafe. Permitting it to take time to get used to its environment can really pace up the bonding course of. Leaving your cat alone will assist it to find out that you just’re a secure presence in its life.

5. Hand Feed Treats

maine coon cat having treat
Picture Credit score: Nils Jacobi, Shutterstock

Meals alone gained’t set up a powerful bond between you and your cat. Nevertheless, it undoubtedly helps to experiment and determine what forms of treats your cat likes finest.

Hand feeding treats might help cats bond with you, particularly in the event that they’re very meals motivated. If your cat’s favourite deal with, attempt to give the deal with solely by way of hand feeding. This can additional reinforce a optimistic affiliation that your cat has created with you.

6. Discover Out Your Cat’s Favourite Toy

Cat playing toy
Picture Credit score: Onishchenko Natalya, Shutterstock

Not all cats have the identical preferences, in order that they’ll all have totally different sorts of toys that they like. Some cats will like wand toys, whereas others desire stuffed toys or deal with puzzles.

You’ll be able to determine what toys your cat likes finest by observing which of them it performs with most steadily and actively. As soon as you discover out which toys are its favorites, you might be the one to current them to your cat each time it desires to play.

7. Speak to Your Cat

Woman playing and talking with her cat
Picture Credit score: Mira Arnaudova, Shutterstock

Speaking to your cat is a good way to bond with distance. Whereas cats could not actually perceive what you’re saying, they will perceive and turn out to be affected by your tone. So, when you have a cat that’s afraid and watchful, you’ll be able to strive speaking to it in a delicate and calm voice.

Performing and speaking with calmness and steadiness might help your cat higher anticipate your strikes and examine you as a secure and nonthreatening particular person.

8. Pet Your Cat

Petting a ginger cat outside
Picture Credit score: dashkabudich, Pixabay

In case you’ve already established some kind of bond together with your cat, you’ll be able to transfer on to petting it. I’ve observed that cats desire to be petted alongside the again. They’ll additionally like scratches across the ears and under the chin.

Cats have very delicate paws and whiskers, so it’s finest to keep away from touching these areas. Some cats additionally don’t like their tails being touched.

Most cats will make it apparent what forms of pets they take pleasure in. So, simply be sure to concentrate, and also you’ll quickly choose up in your cat’s favourite petting spots.

9. Brush Your Cat

woman brushing the Persian cat
Picture Credit score: ANURAK PONGPATIMET, Shutterstock

Cats spend a superb period of time grooming themselves, and most will recognize a serving to hand. They have a tendency to love being brushed, so brushing their coat might help you bond together with your cat whereas protecting it clear.

Simply be sure to be gradual and delicate while you brush your cat. Begin with simply brushing its again. As your cat turns into extra used to getting brushed, you’ll be able to transfer to brushing extra delicate areas, such because the underside.

After you’ve brushed your cat, you may give it a deal with to make grooming an much more optimistic expertise.

10. Know Your Cat’s Character

old man holding cat
Picture Credit score: Africa Studio, Shutterstock

Whereas cats will constantly show sure behaviors, it’s essential to keep in mind that all of them have distinctive personalities and preferences. So, among the finest methods to bond together with your cat is to know the way it tries to bond with you.

Some cats will take pleasure in being petted and following their people all over the place, whereas unbiased cats could desire being in the identical room as you however not interacting as a lot. Different cats could also be very vocal and need to have conversations with you.

When you get to know your cat, you’ll be capable of choose up on each the apparent and delicate methods it tries to bond with you.


On the finish of the day, I’ve discovered that a lot of bonding together with your cat means understanding cat conduct and attending to know your cat’s particular person persona. Similar to how people develop nearer collectively as they perceive one another higher, you’ll additionally develop a particular bond together with your cat as you develop to know it.

So, take a while to get to know your cat, and in case you’re having a tough time, you’ll be able to all the time enlist the assistance of a cat behaviorist. It might take a while to be taught to bond together with your cat, however belief me — it’ll undoubtedly be price all the trouble!

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