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Full Moon of Leo – The Thriller of the Centre – TPS – English

At the moment we have fun the eighth of the 12 Festivals of the brand new world Faith, the Full Moon of Leo, the competition geared toward asserting the

Will to rule from the Centre.

The Centre of the photo voltaic System, the Solar, manifests the ability of the Central Authorities, which asserts and workouts, because the radiant Origin of the Life of our Logos or photo voltaic Man, over all his creatures – a part of his Being, of his Consciousness and of his personal Physique.

By means of his fiery Sphere all manifest creatures obtain vitality, warmth and lightweight on the bodily aircraft; whereas on the internal or greater planes it’s his photo voltaic and electrical Fireplace which provides them with Intelligence, Love and Will – the Triad of Rays or major Qualities of Life. Relying on the extent of Consciousness, or photo voltaic Energy, developed with Evolution, every unit of life or creature shines and guidelines its Subject, more and more able to figuring out with the ability and love of the Father-Mom – the unique Dyad, radiant and wave-like, of its life; each Son, each consciousness, is destined to turn out to be a photo voltaic Sphere, able to governing or radiating life in all instructions.

It’s from the Centre that one guidelines. The photo voltaic Logos governs from the Centre the entire chain of his inventive Hierarchies which specific his Will, Love and Intelligence.

The Solar is the Coronary heart of his System and the Coronary heart is the Solar of his System: this equivalence reveals Love as a common Motive and because the artificial or supreme vitality of our photo voltaic System (the Divine Ray: the Second Ray).

In Leo, and significantly at its Full Moon, “the key competition of the brand new world Faith”, sacred to the cosmic Relationship with the Solar of Suns, Sirius – greater Ego of our Solar and cosmic Supply of clever Love – all suns or centres of energy and vitality, from the atomic to the complicated degree of the Photo voltaic System, are raised by the photo voltaic Fireplace of Life, which propels up and forwards the spiral of their Consciousness, or Evolution.

Attraction to the middle of the producing hearth imparts consciousness to the energies. Every attraction and emission of the hearth, to and from the middle, results in acutely aware expression. The middle is the core comprising in itself the complete potential. […] House is permeated with these facilities. […]” (Agni Yoga Sequence, Infinity I § 384)

Every being is attracted in direction of and known as from its greater degree: thus the planetary Coronary heart, the planetary Hierarchy made up of Centres with Group or photo voltaic Consciousness, is now attracted and powerfully stimulated by its Prototype on that Nice Solar of suns, the White Lodge of Sirius.

And we, Males of the Earth, of their picture and likeness, are known as to mimic the artwork of governing of the Hierarchies of Heaven, of the Stars, with the intention to free or re-establish the One Humanity, the Centre and foundation of Communion essential to anchor the photo voltaic Order and evolutionary Plan on the Planet.

All occasions gather round one focus. All indicators level to the one focus. One manifested hearth exists in all the pieces, the seed of which attracts all corresponding energies. Thus all cosmic occasions are fulfilled. Therefore, solely a full realization of the one focus can direct the non secular quests to the affirmed seed. The immutability of creativeness enters vitally when the main target is realized. For thus, verily, striving enters into the channel of motion! Subsequently, solely on this manner can we attain steadfastness of spirit. Thus can one be imbued with a refined realization of Infinity.” (Agni Yoga Sequence, Hierarchy § 223)

Allow us to assert due to this fact the ability to rule from the Centre of centres.


“The Solar is centred in its Heaven and guidelines it.
Day-to-day it cultivates it.
It’s within the Place of the best sacrifice, the place one is on hearth.

Subsequently it’s the Excessive Priest of the system and transmits the Fireplace of Life.

The Solar is the shining instance of true energy,
the one which bestows freedom,
step-by-step, as deliberate.


Can Order be free?

And Freedom be ordered?

The dilemma is solved solely when the widespread Good is recognised:
when the sacred union is established;
when the illusory self is silent;
when the sacrifice is made.

Order thrives on freedom, and true freedom
is feasible solely by means of Order.”


The Centre is that place of Fireplace,
that radiant Origin of Life
which frees so as, by ordering freely.

Right here is the ritual magical work of every Coronary heart or photo voltaic Centre,

as a result of it’s stunning what’s entire round a Centre

and sweetness is the signal of union.


“We’re like the celebrities, which give life, love and intelligence.” [1]


(…) The Focus radiates by means of the mixing of consciousnesses. Our Focus is highly effective by means of the mixing of hearts. Our Focus is invincible, so I affirm! Thus, let the Non secular Focus radiate within the coronary heart of every co-worker. (Agni Yoga Sequence, Hierarchy § 152)




[1] Reworked extracts from the Ritual of Leo (within the E book of Rituals).




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