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Custody of the Sacred – TPS – English

On this reflection of an etymosophical nature, we’ll take our cue from a word, a specific colouring of the 12 months we live, which deserves to be stored in our hearts: the “craft” related to the 12 months 6.2 of the Desk of the Plan is “the Custodian of the Sacred”.

In Asserting the Planetary Plan it’s in reality defined that Aim 6.2 “House – Infinity. Bases of the New Faith” is said to the position of the Functionary who has this activity: it’s his obligation, as “Custodian of the Sacred”, the magisterium of personifying a flame that on this annual cycle reverberates on all those that comply with the steps of the Desk of the Plan. [1]

This 12 months’s Aim, 6.2, is symmetrical, with respect to the diagonal of the Desk of the Plan, to Aim 2.6, “Science of House Relations. Astrology”, whose craft is “the Navigator of Heaven”, who “should discover the route among the many celestial lights” [2]: the sacredness of the infinite methods of the Heavens, recognised by all peoples, is mirrored within the sacredness of earthly paths, guarded by males who are likely to know how one can comprise infinite area of their hearts. The road of pressure that vibrates between these two Objectives is the compass needle that factors now to the Heavens and now to the Earth, relying on the viewpoint, however that in any case helps us to orient ourselves within the obvious multiplicity of paths, so as to recognise in House and within the Infinite the true and genuine method that lives on the Unity of the Entire.

As Agni Yoga suggests: [3]

The phrase sacred is totally out of use. Sacrilege has changed sacredness. Many are the attainable functions of the phrase sacred on Earth, however males have solid out probably the most lovely. When thought wandered from the sacred vacation spot of Being, the very which means of Being evaporated. The manifestation of supreme concordance is a sacred act of the spirit. The sacred union is the muse of all Be-ness. […]

The job of “Custodian of the Sacred” immediately triggers the concept of accountability for such a activity: allow us to do not forget that this phrase radiates from its core a robust impulse that initially developed from the intent of the ritual dialogue between Earth and Heaven, for the reason that Latin verb from which it derives, respondere consists of the particle re, indicating motion of returning, and of spondere, “to solemnly promise earlier than the deity”, from the Indo-European root *SPEND– which expresses the idea of libation in honour of the gods – pouring a liquid, wine or honey or milk, onto the altar fireplace – along with the elevating of a ritual chant and the attestation of an irrevocable vow.

Be aware the concept of “libation”, indicating in antiquity the sacrificial providing of liquid parts which, when poured onto the fireplace by the altar, would evaporate, symbolising the transmutation of the densest matter right into a risky substance, consonant with greater ranges of creation.

The time period derives from the Latin libatio, from the Indo-European root *LĪ -, which is made up of the next sound parts: “movement that dissolves and liberates [l] repeatedly [ī]”, “liquefy”, “soften”, “launch”.

See Sanskrit , liquefy, dissolve; laya, dissolution, cosmic absorption; Greek leibo, pour drop by drop; loibé, libation; eleutheróô (wherein the preliminary e is prothetic), liberate. [4]

Apparently, the concepts of providing, liberation of the religious essence and transmutation are intertwined on this phrase: due to this assonance, the Sanskrit time period Laya additionally signifies a specific kind of yoga. [5]

Together with the symbolic worth of the traditional rituals, it’s value remembering that [6]:

A specific confusion has gathered round the issue of providing sacrifices. […] What generally is a worthy providing to the Highest Spirit? Verily, solely probably the most purified religious striving. Such a fundamental hyperlink serves as one of the best assure of honest reverence. Such sacrifice is an important necessity in bringing one of the best blossom of the guts to the Altar of The Supreme. […]

The Indo-European matrix of the Latin phrase sacer, sacred, is but to be recognized with certainty, though the idea of a relationship with the Heavens is nicely established: the foundation might be *SAC-/*SAG-, expressing the concept of “adhering to the divine”; or *SAC-, which means “following the divinity”; or *YAJ-, suggesting the idea of “advancing [Y] straight and ahead [AJ] as an indication of providing”, “heading in direction of the heavens”, “providing a sacrifice”. The latter suggestion is superior by the linguist Rendich, and stems from a comparability of historic languages: Sanskrit yaj, “to supply in sacrifice”, “to honour with prayers and oblations”; Greek agizo, “to consecrate”; Latin sacro, “to supply to the gods”. [7]

Agni Yoga offers us innumerable exhortations to “provide”:

In its essence, the guts is an organ of upper motion and giving; that’s the reason each act of giving partakes of the character of the guts. Each optimistic Instructing enjoins giving. Such an affirmation is actually sensible, for with out giving, the guts doesn’t endure. Naturally, one has to know giving in all its justice. […] True giving is of the spirit. Let each coronary heart pour forth streams of religious items. Not with out trigger is it stated that each beat of the guts is a smile, a tear, and gold. […] [8]

To summarise, we report right here an idea developed in different pages of this weblog, the place elaborating on the concepts of the Lambdoma House, we outlined Sacrifice (Vortex 1.7) because the “Energy of Love”, which unlocks the Thriller (7/1), the “sacred gate of Infinity”: it transmutes all that exists, liberating its divine potentiality.

One other passage of Agni Yoga assimilates the idea of sacrifice to the concept of service:

The regulation of sacrifice calls for of humanity the providing of its greatest parts. When the spirit of man will grasp the truth that striving for the upper achievement is probably the most important motion, he’ll cling to the Cosmic Magnet; and the idea of sacrifice will then tackle the which means of service to the Highest Cause. […] When the affirmation of life consciousness awakens all refined colleges the regulation of sacrifice is then understood as the best achievement. [9]

[…] Why is the Service known as nice? As a result of it approaches the Infinite. […] [10]

Lastly, allow us to study the phrase “custodian”, which expresses at its core the concept of “an embracing defence”, because it derives from the Indo-European root *(S)KEU-, which means to defend, to cowl with power. It ought to be famous that on this etymon the preliminary consonant Okay […] was symbolic of the curvilinear movement of celestial our bodies in area and represented the inventive vitality of the universe […] and that the phrase “sky” itself, in historic Latin kaelum, meant “comes with curvilinear movement” [11]. The sound u, expanded into eu, in flip expresses the concept of power: historic languages, e.g. Sanskrit gudhami, have retained the idea of “standing on guard with vitality”, whereas trendy ones, e.g. English cover, have developed that of concealing so as to defend. In spite of everything, the religious essence “is hidden” within the coronary heart of each atom.

On the need and vitality of “defence”, a passage from Agni Yoga explains that: [12]

The flaming sword is a ray of the religious armor. […] Even probably the most peace-loving photos have affirmed a sword. This doesn’t specific a want to coerce, nevertheless it does point out a readiness to defend probably the most sacred. […]

Allow us to recall that the primary exhortation of the complete Instructing of Agni Yoga is expressed with the phrase “guard”, related to the concept of holiness which, in excessive synthesis, we will outline as “the testifying of the sacred”: [13]

By holiness in life, guard the valuable Gem of Gems.

Aum Tat Sat Aum!

I’m thou, thou artwork I—components of the Divine Self. […]

Allow us to finish on a word that could be a want: a resolute dedication to answer the sacredness of Heaven, in direction of which the gaze of all peoples has at all times turned, consecrating ourselves to the joyful service of collaborating within the progress of the One Humanity, able to guarding the religious essence that could be a unifying consider Creation and of adhering with intimate and smiling solemnity to the rhythmic dance of the celestial Group of which the Earth is an element.



Right now, because it at all times occurs at intervals of about three months, the heliocentric conjunction between Mercury and Neptune happens, related to the concord of language.

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