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Compilation will inform future investigations into the formation, evolution of ring system — ScienceDaily

Southwest Analysis Institute scientists have compiled 41 photo voltaic occultation observations of Saturn’s rings from the Cassini mission. The compilation, revealed just lately within the scientific journal Icarus, will inform future investigations of the particle dimension distribution and composition of Saturn’s rings, key parts to understanding their formation and evolution.

“For almost twenty years, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft shared the wonders of Saturn and its household of icy moons and signature rings, however we nonetheless do not definitively know the origins of the ring system,” mentioned Dr. Stephanie Jarmak, a researcher within the SwRI Area Science Division. “Proof signifies that the rings are comparatively younger and will have fashioned from the destruction of an icy satellite tv for pc or a comet. Nonetheless, to assist anybody origin idea, we have to have a good suggestion of the dimensions of particles making up the rings.”

Cassini’s Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph (UVIS) was uniquely delicate to a number of the smallest ring particles, significantly with the observations it made within the excessive ultraviolet wavelength.

To find out the dimensions of the ring particles, UVIS noticed them when the instrument was pointed on the Solar, wanting by way of the rings in what is called a photo voltaic occultation. Ring particles partially blocked the trail of the sunshine, offering a direct measurement of the optical depth, a key parameter for figuring out the dimensions and composition of the ring particles.

“Given the wavelength of the sunshine coming from the Solar, these observations gave us perception into the smallest particle sizes with Saturn’s rings,” Jarmak mentioned. “UVIS can detect mud particles on the micron degree, serving to us perceive the origin, collisional exercise and destruction of the ring particles throughout the system.”

The compilation additionally delves into the variations within the optical depth of occultation observations, which may also help decide particle dimension and composition. Throughout an occultation, mild emitted by a background supply, such because the Solar, is absorbed and scattered by the particles within the mild’s path. The quantity of sunshine blocked by ring particles gives a direct measurement of the ring optical depth.

Together with optical depth is significant to understanding the construction of the rings. The analysis measured the optical depth as a perform of the viewing geometry, which refers back to the commentary angles of the ring system with respect to the Cassini spacecraft. As mild passing by way of the rings adjustments at varied angles, scientists can kind an image of the rings’ constructions.

“Ring techniques round big planets additionally present check beds for investigating basic bodily properties and processes in our photo voltaic system typically,” Jarmak mentioned. “These particles are thought to consequence from objects colliding and forming in a disk and build up bigger particles. Understanding how they kind these ring techniques may assist us perceive how planets kind as effectively.”

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