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Honey extractors are the usual with regards to harvesting honey, however you’ll be able to harvest with out one. One technique of honey harvesting referred to as ‘crush and pressure’ presents a easy various. Hold studying to seek out out when and why I take advantage of this technique, plus how I do it.

What’s the Distinction?

Honey extraction permits the beekeeper to spin the honey from the combs whereas maintaining the combs intact. The beekeeper harvests frames of honey from their hives, slices off the highest of the comb (the honey cappings) and locations the frames (now with open cells of honey) in a  massive, cylindrical piece of kit referred to as an extractor. The extractor spins the honey frames, flinging honey out of the cells utilizing centrifugal power. The honey is now seperated from the comb and be jarred. The empty combs (stickies) are returned to the bees for reusue. This technique permits the bees to make extra honey with out having to spend time and vitality on rebuilding their honey combs.

The crush and pressure technique doesn’t protect the honey combs. Your complete honey comb is crushed up after which strained by means of a sieve or cheesecloth which seperates the honey from the crushed comb. In case you use this technique the bees must rebuild their comb befofe they’ll make extra honey. So, you could be pondering: why would you employ this technique? There are numerous eventualities the place I choose this technique. I’ll checklist some under.

After I Use the Crush & Pressure Technique:
  1. I’m harvesting from a unique model hive like a prime bar hive or warre hive.
  2. I don’t have time to arrange and clear up the extractor, which is labor intensive.
  3. I’m solely harvesting a small quantity of honey.
  4. I wish to harvest the wax, not simply the honey.
  5. The comb is outdated and I don’t wish to return it to the colony.
  6. The wood frames are outdated or damaged and I don’t wish to return them to the hive.
  7. I’m decreasing the colony and don’t intend to return the stickies to the hive.
  8. It’s the tip of the season, and I don’t wish to retailer empty comb over the winter.

image of honey comb in a frame


honey being crushed


honey processing
The right way to Crush and Pressure Honey
  1. Begin by slicing the honeycomb out the body with a knife. Do that over a clear floor or in a big shallow pan.
  2. Finely crush the wax utilizing dough cutter instruments, so the honey releases.
  3. Subsequent, selected a technique to separate the wax from the honey. You possibly can filter wax out utilizing cheese fabric or a metallic sieve.
  4. As soon as the honey is strained, put it in clear jars  and course of the valuable wax.

Click on right here to take a look at a enjoyable video of my course of on my Instagram.

Crushing Tip

Slicing the comb into strips with a crinkle cutter earlier than crushing, as this helps make crushing simpler. When slicing, intention for items which might be concerning the width of your dough cutter or mashing software. Remember that if the comb is outdated, it may be exhausting or unimaginable to crush the wax totally easy.

honey processing tool
Should-Have Instruments to Crush & Stain

Most of those honey harvest instruments can be found on my Amazon Storefront.

  • Knife
  • Stainless Metal Dough Blender
  • Stainless Metal Crinkle Cutter or Dough Cutter
  • Silicone Spatula
  • Massive Shallow Pan like a Bain Marie or Steam Desk Catering Dish
  • Cheese Material or Metallic Sieve
  • Honey Bucket with Spout
  • Massive storage bin for Frames
Processing Honey

I prefer to make honey harvest cleanup simpler by masking my work floor with massive, skinny kitchen towels or parchment paper to catch drips. Cleansing as you go helps a ton too.

I additionally hold a ceramic bowl or plate close by to set my honey-covered instruments on. Any honey pooled on the plate goes into the honey bucket, so none goes to waste.

Sticky surfaces and instruments get wiped down with sizzling water, dish cloths, and a tiny little bit of cleaning soap.

Be taught As You Go

Each time I harvest honey, I be taught one thing invaluable about my instruments and strategies, or I sharpen a ability. I’ve just a few weblog posts, the place I’ve documented little issues I’ve realized alongside the way in which. For instance, in The right way to Inform If Your Hive is Robust, I discuss how numerous honey just isn’t at all times an indication of power. In case you have questions or have realized one thing alongside your jouney, please share within the feedback under! And don’t overlook about my in-person and on-line lessons, for those who’re itching to be taught extra or refresh your data.



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