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Are Shih Tzu Hypoallergenic? – Petmoo

Most of us consider Shih Tzu canine to be non-shedder and “hypoallergenic canine” producing little or no dander.

However, what’s the reality about Shih Tzus? Do they actually meet the outline of a hypoallergenic canine?

To start out with, it’s important to notice that no canine is 100% hypoallergenic. All canine exude dander to a point, so even hypoallergenic canine will not be appropriate with individuals with excessive allergic reactions. Some might even discover that particular person canine which can be thought of allergy-friendly for others will not be appropriate with their allergic reactions.

For allergy victims:

The Shih Tzu is certainly a terrific pet alternative and to say they’re a non-shedding canine breed isn’t utterly true. Sure, in addition they shed however Shih Tzus shed lower than different breeds. These lap canine have nearly human-like hair as an alternative of the fur present in most canine breeds. These lengthy strands of hair produce much less dander, so there’s much less chance in your allergic reactions to flare up.

As well as, Shih Tzus are a relatively smaller breed, so the quantity of dander they discharge is lower than massive or large breed canine.

So why Shih Tzu is taken into account to be a non-shedding breed?

Shih Tzus are one of the crucial instantly acquainted canine breeds, and that’s for motive. Moreover their snugly constructed our bodies, delightfully brief snouts, and pleasant, sociable, perky personalities, the Shih Tzu’s swish, free-flowing coat provides them their distinguishing look.

They have been adored by the Chinese language 1000’s of years in the past and used as foot heaters and lap canine by Tibetan emperors. (Maybe that’s why these sturdy toy canine are so habituated to being handled like sovereigns!)

Merely, all kinds of Shih Tzus are fairly bushy canine. However many individuals will likely be stunned to know that each one that hair doesn’t imply a variety of shedding. They’ve a double coat made up of two distinct layers: the undercoat and the topcoat, identical to different breeds such because the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, the Lhasa Apso, the Golden Retriever, and so on. The canine’s undercoat is feathery, and smooth with brief hairs, whereas the topcoat (outer coat) is made up of silky, fantastic, lengthy hair. Really, the undercoat is the primary offender and does many of the shedding. At any given time, solely about 10% -15% cling about within the hair-falling stage (Catagen Part) relying on the coat’s well being and with no different points concerned.

An extended topcoat traps up the unfastened hairs from the undercoat leading to much less hair falling on the ground or furnishings. The trapped hairs may be brushed out throughout common grooming.

As well as, all Shih Tzu varieties have hair relatively than fur. Hair strands are usually longer and extra slender than fur. Furthermore, Hair’s progress cycle can also be longer than that of fur, which suggests it takes longer to wither and drop out. On account of all these causes, Shih Tzus are thought of to be non-shedders.

Pet house owners don’t need to get the lint brush to filter a horde of hairs after these silky-haired pets have been reclining on the sofa all day.

Most significantly, they don’t have to fret about altering their garments after they’ve cuddled with them earlier than heading out someplace.

So, what precisely is the Shih Tzus shedding quantity? 

For many who have a Shih Tzu, they nearly actually gained’t come throughout greater than a sporadic little bit of canine hair in all places of their residence.

It’s only in two eventualities during which they’ll discover their pet’s hair discharge greater than regular:

  • In the course of the brushing session: As stated earlier, this is because of the truth that the brushing session extricates the fallen hair that received trapped within the outer coat. That is the explanation why vet specialists recommend common brushing for Shih Tzus to protect their lush, lovely locks.
  • Coat transition: There’s a stage within the canine’s life — round 9 to 12 months of age — Shih Tzu puppies’ coat transitions to the grownup coat. That is throughout this growth section shedding will likely be elevated in quantity and it’s fairly regular —don’t fear; it ought to solely final one or two weeks.

Are Shih Tzu Hypoallergenic?

Sure, they’re hypoallergenic. As Shih Tzus shed little or no, the allergen-causing dander (microscopic lifeless pores and skin cells) that adheres to their hair is much less doubtless launched into the air, your clothes, onto the ground or the furnishings, identical to it could be with a canine that sheds closely comparable to Siberian husky.

So, are Shih Tzu is nice for allergic individuals? Sure!

The vital factor to notice is that though Shih Tzu just isn’t an enormous shedder, their pores and skin can too grow to be dry and flaky. The dander or dry pores and skin flakes might set off an allergic response in some delicate individuals.

Pores and skin flakes can occur with any canine breed and Shih Tzu just isn’t immune to pores and skin points.

The easiest way of dealing with a Shih Tzu coat from turning into boring and pores and skin from turning into dry is to brush him extra typically to stimulate oil glands and feed him one of the best pet food you’ll be able to.



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