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Blue-Chip Indicators: The Symbolism of Blue

Whether or not watching the waves of the huge blue ocean or wanting up on the boundless blue skies, blue is one in all Earth’s commonest and favored colours. A colour that symbolizes freedom, sensitivity, and tranquility, it has fascinated cultures and traditions for hundreds of years and impressed numerous inventive minds.

From the blue moon, a blue mild, and the calming impact of a blue background, our listing of the symbolism of blue will present why this shade stays probably the most widespread and common colours.

Blue color is everlasting

What are the origins of blue, and the way was the colour blue made?

Believed to have been developed in historical Egypt, proof reveals that Egyptians mixed minerals, limestones, and sand to create a blue opaque glass to make use of for the Nice Pyramid. Recognized to be the primary blue pigment, the Egyptians intricately manufactured the mineral azurite. They spearheaded its distribution all through the traditional world.

Shortly gaining recognition and was broadly used for arts and vogue later, the invention of a way the place blue dye is extracted from the leaves of vegetation made it a preferred and costly pigment for hundreds of years to return.

“A sure blue enters your soul. A sure pink has an impact in your blood-pressure.”

– Henri Matisse

Psychological which means and results of blue

Do you know that the dominant colour in your environment can affect your feelings and way of thinking? A colour that tells us to calm down and maintain calm, right here’s how the blue colour in your house could also be taking part in its half.

How the colour blue impacts you bodily and psychologically

Usually related to the ocean and the sky, many understand the colour blue to transmit emotions of coziness, serenity, and tranquility. Whereas it is usually thought-about a colour symbolizing braveness and dedication, custom means that blue evokes religious reflection, deep understanding, and knowledge.

Extremely related to a interval of peaceable relaxation, the blue colour is understood to decrease our coronary heart price, physique temperature, and blood strain. It might probably additionally positively have an effect on our pituitary gland, leading to higher sleep patterns.

Blue as model identifiers

From American Specific and Ford to Fb and Oreo, blue is on the prime of the listing of the planet’s mostly used company colours. Recognized to characterize trustworthiness, information, and accessibility, about 33% of the most well-liked and influential manufacturers use the colour blue on their brand.

Blue brands logos
Blue manufacturers

It’s usually related to cleanliness and is the most effective colour for selling family merchandise. Its potential to point coolness makes it the colour of alternative for manufacturers that promote drinks and refreshments.

Blue colour symbolism in numerous cultures

All through historical past, colours have helped form our beliefs and judgments. Right here’s a take a look at the assorted meanings of the colour blue worldwide.

Christianity and Bible

Adopting the colour of the sky, individuals usually affiliate blue with heaven and the therapeutic energy of God. A colour that symbolizes reality and the Holy Spirit, it encourages us to deepen our understanding of the scriptures by digging deeper into the Bible’s pages.

Blue represents the Virgin Mary and is acknowledged as the colour of peace and hope. And blue birds are typically thought-about messengers of god.

sky is blue John Lennon

Historical Egypt

Developed from copper with a mixture of silica, iron oxides, and calcium, Egyptian blue signifies fertility, beginning, and rebirth. Generally known as irtiu or khesbedj, it was broadly used to point the presence of water, which carefully associates it with the river Nile. Donning tattoos and amulets in blue, Historical Egyptians thought-about blue the safety colour.

Native American tradition

Giving nice worth to colours, Native People trusted the blue colour’s potential to have an effect on individuals’s way of thinking and feelings. Usually utilized in non secular ceremonies, a lot of their tribes noticed the blue colour’s deep connection to life and nature.

Blue takes the colour of the sky and the heavens. Individuals acknowledge blue as the colour of serenity, enlightenment, and religious therapeutic.

“No water, no life. No blue, no inexperienced.”

– Sylvia Earle

European cultures

Worn by Saint Louis of France within the thirteenth century, individuals noticed blue as the colour of the highly effective, the fashion-conscious, and the rich in European cultures. Many as soon as believed that blue clothes was restricted to the nobles. The elegant-looking blue enterprise swimsuit has its roots in Seventeenth-century England, turning into the outfit of alternative of English retailers and nation gents.

“There is no blue without yellow and without orange.” – Vincent Van Gogh

The colour of royalty and the elite

Many international locations adopted blue to characterize the elite and the royals, taking their cue from the French monarchy. Finally turning into part of France’s coat of arms, the issue to find and producing the blue pigment made it a uncommon and costly piece that solely the rich may afford. 

Its frequent use in work depicting the legendary King Arthur additional enhanced its popularity as a colour of extravagance.

Non secular which means of the colour blue

Very similar to spirituality, colours are a type of non-physical and non-verbal communication. Due to its affiliation with optimistic qualities, the colour blue has been the shade most well-liked by most for offering emotions of friendship, concord, and steadiness over time.

The blue chakra

Recognized to play an important function within the circulation of power within the physique, the Vishuddha, or the blue chakra encourages communication, evokes self-expression, and allows us to talk the reality. 

Acknowledged because the throat chakra, any imbalance manifests as issue expressing our emotions, ideas, and judgments. It additionally makes us extremely vital of others and ourselves.

Symbol of the blue chakra (the throat chakra: Vishuddha)
Image of the blue chakra (the throat chakra: Vishuddha)

Soul colour and the colour of the infinite

Acknowledged for its potential to supply hints about our bodily, emotional, and religious well-being, these with the blue soul colour are extra relaxed, simple to get together with, and serene. 

The blue colour’s affiliation with the sky and the ocean, each seemingly boundless, rapidly makes it the colour of the infinite. Blue, as a soul colour, displays peace, quietness, and tranquility.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui combines colours, symbols, and construction to supply all the mandatory bodily and religious modifications to spice up an individual’s life. Symbolizing the open sky and Earth’s far-reaching waters, the blue colour works finest for many who want peace and calm. 

Feng Shui blue symbolism

As a colour that promotes good well being, it’s best positioned in bedrooms and residing areas; contemplate areas the place we relaxation.

Prime 3 blue gem stones and their impression

Lengthy held as the colour that symbolizes sensitivity, instinct, and freedom, many individuals adorn themselves with blue gem stones. Usually utilized in unblocking and cleaning the chakra, right here’s our listing of the highest 3 gems on this colour.


Aquamarine is a well-known stone utilized in varied kinds of jewellery that signifies monetary stability, good well being, and fruitful married life. Aquamarine can also be the birthstone for March. This extremely clear gem catches extra mild, permitting it to glitter greater than the others.

Lapis lazuli

A rock composed of pure minerals resembling calcite, lazurite, and glowing pyrite, lapis lazuli is without doubt one of the oldest gems used to adorn jewellery. It’s present in varied international locations, and quite a few traditions see it as an emblem of energy, royalty, reality, and knowledge. Additionally it is identified for heading off evil and enhancing the wearer’s eyesight.

Lapis lazuli
Lapis lazuli

Blue sapphire

Sapphires are acknowledged because the world’s most well-known blue gem stones. Many favor them for his or her resistance to wreck and their intense blue colour. A logo of affection, religious perception, loyalty, and safety, its sturdy symbolism and sturdiness make it a perfect gem for marriage ceremony and engagement rings.

Cultural implications of blue

Whereas it’s usually related to excellence and excessive distinction, the blue colour has lengthy held significance in artwork, politics, and tradition. Right here’s what the symbolism of blue tells us in our on a regular basis lives.

I spend a lot of my time looking at blue, Kate Bush

The perfect phrases and idioms in regards to the colour blue

Blue blood

Being blue-blooded signifies that one is of noble beginning, together with the king, the queen, and the opposite royal members of the family.

Out of the blue

Usually used to explain an occasion that unexpectedly occurred, this expression was derived from a transparent blue sky from which nothing out of the unusual is anticipated.

As soon as in a blue moon

Very similar to the rarity of this phenomenon, we use this phrase to explain one thing uncommon and unusual.

once in a blue moon
“As soon as in a blue moon”

Others embody:

  • Monday Blues
  • Blue-Chip Shares
  • Until Somebody Is Blue In The Face
  • Operating Round Like A Blue-Arsed Fly
  • The Blue Rinse Brigade
  • To Go Off Into The Blue

Music and songs

Like music, colours hit us in probably the most potent and unexplainable methods. Listed here are a couple of of the songs that assist chase the blues away.

The Blues

Originating within the African-American communities within the southern United States, blues music is a fusion of spiritual hymns and songs belted out by those that work in agricultural fields. That includes the lyrical traditions of the Scottish, English, and Irish, it expressed the sorrows and wishes of those that suffered from segregation and slavery within the early twentieth century.

B.B. King, the master of blues music
B.B. King, the grasp of blues music

This musical style derived its title from the blue devils, which many understand as despair and disappointment.

Tangled Up In Blue (Bob Dylan)

Impressed by an occasion within the singer/songwriter’s life, the tune talked a couple of girl that Bob Dylan as soon as knew.

Goodbye Blue Sky (Pink Floyd)

Symbolizing his childhood, Pink Floyd sings about his journey to make a lifetime of his personal and the way he’s bidding his final goodbye.

Blue Suede Sneakers (Elvis Presley)

As this shoe fashion indicated luxurious within the South, the tune talked about Elvis’ riches and his fondness for them.

Trend and design

A bit of clothes that means sincerity and competence, carrying blue is taken into account by vogue consultants one of the simplest ways to create a superb impression and set your finest foot ahead. 

Extensively utilized in uniforms, it permits its wearer to speak a message of authority and confidence. Symbolizing the Aristocracy, loyalty, and peace, it doesn’t shock that it’s the colour of alternative for weddings, baptisms, and different essential life occasions.



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