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6 PROVEN Methods To Appeal to Cardinals To Feeders! (2022)

We’ve a operating competitors at our home, and it pertains to attracting Northern Cardinals.

how to attract northern cardinals to bird feeders

The sport is to see what number of cardinals you possibly can observe at one time within the yard! At the moment, the document is seventeen, which was set on a chilly, snowy day final winter.


And I do know that we aren’t alone. It appears everybody needs to draw extra cardinals. Each women and men are stunning, enjoyable to look at, they usually by no means overrun your feeders like Home Sparrows or European Starlings!


Take a look at this LIVE stream of my chicken feeders! You might be able to see a Northern Cardinal proper now.


Fortunately, attracting cardinals is straightforward.


Right this moment, you’ll study SIX methods confirmed to draw cardinals.


By implementing a couple of of the concepts under, you ought to be having fun with extra of those stunning pink birds in your yard earlier than you realize it!


#1: Choose THESE meals that cardinals LOVE!


For my part, the BEST factor you are able to do to draw cardinals is to feed them their favourite meals! When you can present a dependable and limitless provide of scrumptious meals, why wouldn’t they preserve coming again many times?


So what do cardinals prefer to eat?


Take a look at the image of a cardinal’s beak under. Pay shut consideration to its design. What do you suppose their beaks are specialised to eat?

how to attract cardinals

When you stated cracking open shells to eat the seed inside, then you’re appropriate! Their beaks present the mandatory energy and leverage to open up all kinds of thick and laborious seed husks.


So it ought to come as no shock that one of the best meals you should utilize to draw cardinals are seeds and nuts. Listed here are the BEST choices:


Sunflower seeds:


There are three totally different sorts of sunflower you should buy to feed cardinals:

sunflower seeds for attracting cardinals

A. Black-oil sunflower seed: These are smaller sunflower seeds with a black shell. It’s a favourite seed to make use of in your feeders for cardinals resulting from its low value and enchantment to all kinds of chicken species. Not edible for people!


B. Grey/Black striped sunflower seed: These are massive sunflower seeds that people additionally eat. For the reason that shells are bigger than black-oil sunflower, not as many birds can crack the seeds open. However the cardinals haven’t any drawback! A good selection if you wish to discriminate towards different birds.


C. Sunflower kernels/chips: This sunflower seed has had the shell eliminated, and simply the kernel is left. Sunflower kernels appeal to the widest number of birds to your cardinal feeder as a result of nobody has to crack the shell. Nonetheless, kernels and chips are far more costly than black oil sunflower and striped sunflower seeds.


Safflower seeds:

safflower seed - best bird food

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Cardinals take pleasure in safflower seeds and eat them repeatedly. However a unbelievable advantage of this meals is that many different birds ignore it, which leaves extra for cardinals!


For instance, safflower can be used to stop blackbirds and squirrels as a result of they each don’t usually eat this white seed.


Don’t panic if the cardinals don’t eat safflower seed straight away.


Your cardinals could not contact this new meals at first. It’s not that they don’t prefer it, however they most likely have by no means had it earlier than.


My advice is to combine safflower and sunflower seeds. Cardinals will inevitably eat some safflower and understand that it’s tasty and edible.


Shelled Peanuts:

peanut food for birds

Cardinals are additionally drawn to peanuts, so long as they’re already out of their shell.


Peanuts are a wonderful supply of protein and fats and supply cardinals with some additional diet throughout a tough winter.


However like sunflower seeds, many different birds LOVE shelled peanuts too –  Jays, crows, woodpeckers, nuthatches, blackbirds, titmice, chickadees, doves, juncos, and extra!


#2: Use Cardinal Pleasant Feeders!


There are millions of totally different chicken feeders which you can select from. Sadly, Northern Cardinals is not going to use a lot of them, even when they comprise their favourite meals.


It is because not all chicken feeders are designed to satisfy their particular wants.


First, cardinals like having a big perch, platform, or tray to land on. They want a barely open space to make them really feel snug whereas consuming.


Second, Northern Cardinals favor to feed going through ahead. These birds don’t prefer to twist their our bodies to eat, which signifies that they seldom use the perches of a conventional tube feeder as a result of they’ve to show their physique to succeed in the feeding ports.


The perfect feeders for attracting cardinals are hoppers, trays, or platforms.


It is because they’re large enough for cardinals to land on and eat whereas going through ahead. 🙂


Listed here are three feeders that work nice for attracting cardinals!


*Click on every hyperlink under to test the present value.*


best feeders for cardinals


best tray feeder


Best Cardinal Feeders


For extra detailed details about these choices and sincere critiques, take a look at this put up –> The 5 Finest Feeder For Cardinals (That Really Work!)


On this brief video, you possibly can see a few of the chicken feeders that appeal to my cardinals!


#3: Place your chicken feeders correctly!


Though they’re frequent, Northern Cardinals are shy. Earlier than flying over to go to a feeder, these birds usually hand around in close by bushes and timber to verify it’s secure.


With that in thoughts, it’s necessary to put your chicken feeders in a quiet spot in your yard close to some shelter, corresponding to shrubs, bushes, or timber. On the sting of the woods or a brushy space is a superb location. Cardinals will respect the privateness and being close to escape routes from predators!


If potential, you have to keep away from placing your feeding station in the course of a barren yard. Cardinals are usually not going to really feel secure popping out to eat.

best locations for bird feeding station

As you possibly can see above, my feeding station is positioned on the sting of the woods.


I’ve observed the farther my feeders get from my home, the extra cardinals appear to reach! When you do have your feeding station near your home, attempt to preserve it away from any home windows with plenty of motion inside.


What in case your yard doesn’t have any hiding locations or shelter?


When you solely have completely manicured grass with no timber or bushes, then you’re going to have a tough time making cardinals really feel secure.


My advice is to go to your native backyard middle and begin planting plenty of native vegetation! It’s completely potential (and enjoyable) to “birdscape” your yard. Not solely do native vegetation give hiding locations, shelter, and nesting places, however additionally they present berries, nuts, and bugs for meals.


#4: Present water to draw cardinals.

attract cardinals with birdbath

Like all animals, Northern Cardinals have to drink to outlive. My recommendation is to make the most of this truth and supply recent, clear water along with a constant meals supply.


In case you are not fortunate sufficient to have a lake or small stream in your yard, then you’re going to want to purchase a chicken bathtub!


Right here is the chicken bathtub that I’m at present utilizing at my feeding station:

best ground bird baths

Poly Lumber Birdbath   View Right this moment’s Value


Birdbaths which can be heated and sit on the bottom are finest for attracting cardinals.


First, because it’s heated, the water is not going to freeze when the climate will get chilly, which implies it is going to be out there when birds want it most! Second, cardinals favor being on the bottom to drink and will probably be most snug utilizing a floor bathtub.


Earlier than shopping for a brand new chicken bathtub, please learn to preserve it correctly! Hen baths can get soiled quick! If they aren’t cleaned usually, they grow to be an ideal place for micro organism and algae to develop and mosquitoes to put eggs.


#5: Northern Cardinals LOVE being on the bottom.


Northern Cardinals take pleasure in feeding on the bottom. So don’t be shocked when you see them often consuming and searching for fallen seeds.


To make the most of their fondness for being on the bottom, I’ve a tray feeder FULL of their favourite meals positioned beneath my feeding station. 


In truth, you possibly can see precisely how I’m feeding cardinals on the bottom in my yard. Press PLAY under for a LIVE view of the bottom beneath my chicken feeders. Throughout the day, it’s frequent to see a number of cardinals feeding collectively.


#6: The early (and late) cardinal will get the seeds!


Be certain your feeders are full each morning earlier than dawn. Cardinals are early risers and will probably be among the many first birds to go to on daily basis.


As well as, these birds are additionally a few of the final to depart within the night. There have been many instances after I may barely see a cardinal on my feeders as a result of it has been so darkish!


By no means let your feeders by no means run empty through the day. And ensure that they’re filled with recent meals each single morning. You don’t need the Northern Cardinals that dwell close to you to search out another person’s feeder who ALWAYS has chicken seed. 🙂 


Attracting cardinals is well worth the effort!


One good factor about Northern Cardinals is that they don’t migrate. So as soon as they go to your yard and like what they discover, they need to come again each single day!


I really like having the ability to stroll out in my yard and observe cardinals. Each time I hear the distinctive “birdie birdie birdie” name of males singing in March, it’s a certain signal that spring is nearly right here. It’s additionally enjoyable to attempt to discover the airing chicken perched excessive, making an attempt desperately to draw a mate.


How do you appeal to cardinals to your yard?




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