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6.7 – 7.6 Hierarchy and Communion – TPS – English

From the Lambdoma of the Genesis of Concepts:

6.7 HIERARCHY – Hierarchy is the Order of divine Creators

7.6 COMMUNION – Communion is unity with Being

This Polarity of Concepts expresses and realizes the first relationship between:

6.6 SYNTHESIS – Synthesis is the triumph of the One


7.7 ORDER – Order is Freedom

On the stage of summary or fiery Thought (the place, for the esoteric imaginative and prescient, the human Soul, the “physique of causes”, stands), the try to grasp and reside the quadripartite relationship between Synthesis,Order, Hierarchy and Communion is analogous to a squaring of the circle, on the centre between the World of Concepts (circle) and that of Varieties (sq.).

Concepts are actual energies and residing Entities, they’re the powers that produce precipitates, and directing our contemplation and reflection to those Sources of occasions and issues raises our vibration and notion of existence, a really pressing and obligatory act in these occasions of confusion and blindness.

“Rulership isn’t in crowns nor in crowds, however is within the cosmic expanse of concepts.” (Agni Yoga Collection, Group § 84)

The Universe works and stays collectively in freedom as a result of it’s One, as a result of it’s ruled by absolute Unity, as a result of it’s an infinite Communion of relative models. (from Increasing Consciousness, by E. Savoini, unpublished paper)

(…) In Cosmos every thing is certain by the affirmed dimensions of a robust Hierarchy.Thus, all energies are mutually certain. Thus, the thread of the guts is linked with Hierarchy. Thus, this nice bond establishes the cosmic Substance. (Agni Yoga Collection, Hierarchy § 398)

(…) those that seek for Reality can discover the importance of Be-ness solely within the path of ascent towards Hierarchy… the regulation of Hierarchy is the main precept. (Agni Yoga Collection, Hierarchy § 420)

Hierarchy is the Order of divine Creators

The time period Hierarchy derives from the late Greek ierarchìa and consists of the union of two parts:

1. ieròs, sacred, which expresses the concept of ​​in search of a relationship with the divine;
2. archìa, information, authorities, which expresses the concept of ​​being the primary in worth, deserving, “the one who’s worthy”, revered and excellent; and signifies the movement to unite.

The phrase hierarchy subsequently expresses the concept of a ​​“information to the connection with the divine”, with an intimate emphasis on the idea of union.

The ‘hierarchical association’, which is a necessary characteristic of the Order: common, photo voltaic, planetary, is nevertheless a Hierarchy of Features, not of Characters who carry out them. In fact, within the accomplished and common Order these two features (Features and Folks) are equalized and recognized, however for all these formations which are nonetheless beneath growth, and subsequently essentially imperfect, it’s prudent to maintain the 2 ideas separate. The Perform is what it IS, and it’s impersonal, the functionary continues to be burdened with these impurities which he’s eliminating, and might belong to numerous evolutionary ranges. (E. Savoini, Order, unpublished paper)

In accordance with the instructing of Enzio Savoini, an enlightened Thinker of our time, it may be outlined as hierarchical:

– the intrinsic high quality of psychic Area, by means of which each and every factor is organized in keeping with the worth of its operate and collaborates within the lifetime of the entire with out reservations or vetoes. (from Asserting the Planetary Plan, Purpose 2.7)

– the angle that considers Area as an ordered set of centres which are in a golden and harmonious relationship… the angle that recognises the weather that compose it as a part of an order made up of legal guidelines, ideas, capabilities, causal and consequent constructions, manufactured from main and minor options in a golden relationship, and that goals above all to keep up the union between the totally different components and the intrinsic worth of every one among them. It’s the imaginative and prescient that ensures Communion.

– the very construction of Communion.

Communion is definitely fairly totally different, it’s established in keeping with a exact hierarchical construction. The idea is clarified by stating that it’s the group of the centres that compose it, organized in keeping with their energy, stage of consciousness and operational capability. There’s nothing confused or vague, foggy or disordered, since that is expelled by the inside pressure, which is limitless. The sky is an efficient image of it, as a result of it discloses to our sight stars, constellations, galaxies, star clusters, cosmic formations that reveal a hierarchical construction. (E. Savoini, Communion)

[…] The hierarchical construction of Communion implies quite a lot of collaborative capabilities, and growing ranges of duty. This means diversified organisms… the seventh energy brings them collectively, magically, into one. The Cosmos is the organized Universe, particularly the One manifested. (E. Savoini, Communion)

Many Divine Sparks have been scattered, however a Divine Communion is everlasting. The supply of Everlasting Communion is spirit and actions, certain by the powerfully manifest Cosmic Legislation. (Agni Yoga Collection, Fiery World III § 63)

Communion is unity with Being

By increased measures we attain the upper Be-ness. So nice is the entire manifestation {that a} non permanent existence on the planet expresses solely a meager measure of it. And the cosmic fusion is named the synthesis of Be-ness. In spirit one can construct greater than with palms. By thought one can construct a whole empire… (Agni Yoga Collection, Infinity I § 140)

Solely the Agni Yogi who having sacrificed the lesser self places all his psychological energy to help the evolutionary impulse, realizes Being and suffuses Area with pleasure. He doesn’t reside for himself, however to hold out increased wills, so he collaborates with the Universe. He’s free, he flows in Area, but he’s centered on service. He’s energetic but detached. He causes occasions and doesn’t bear the burden that may ensue. (E. Savoini, Feedback to Infinity II § 101, 102, 103, 104, out there solely in Italian)

And, subsequently, he can not however see with the eyes of the guts; to listen to the roar of the world with the ears of the guts; to see into the long run with the understanding of the guts; to recollect previous accumulations by means of the guts— that’s how he should boldly advance on the trail of ascent.

(…) On the trail of the Hierarchy, on the trail of the Nice Service, on the trail of Communion, synthesis is the one luminous path of the guts… The loftiest creativity is pervaded with this nice regulation. (Agni Yoga Collection, Coronary heart § 1)

The Legislation of Synthesis is that which: “works by means of the Seven which but are One; which factors to the seven methods and but these upon the seven methods are one; which initiates the common into the numerous however preserves its integrity; which originates the plan however preserves intact the aim; which sees the multiplicity wanted beneath the Legislation of Sacrifice however subordinates that regulation unto the Legislation of Synthesis; which breathes forth the numerous Breaths and but is Life Itself.” (Alice Bailey, Rays and the Initiations, p. 266)

Synthesis is an attribute of the divine will and the excellent high quality of Deity. (Alice Bailey, Rays and the Initiations, p. 120)

Synthesis is a side of the primary divine attribute, the Will, or quite, the Will-to-Good. This vitality or affect, which the Christ Himself will wield (and for which He has been lengthy getting ready Himself), produces cohesion, a drawing collectively and an inclination to fusion and union. (Alice Bailey, The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p. 648)

Synthesis is the triumph of the One,

it’s the totality, the centre and the periphery, the circle of manifestation understood as unity. It exhibits that the existence of all issues, summary or concrete, is one.

Synthesis is the fruit of unification, abstraction and liberation. It’s absolute homogeneity, important unity, and progressive and dynamic motion.

Synthesis is, but it’s the reward of motion and energy, on the Path in the direction of Larger Evolution; it expresses the brand new be aware that springs from Shamballa, Synthesis is the expression of Shamballa.

Synthesis governs the Spirit that instills impetus within the Course of Unity. (from 6.1 POP Ritual – Synthesis, unpublished paper)

What comes thy approach for revelation?  What hast thou to disclose? Solely that which has for aeons lengthy existed and has for aye been right here. The Oneness of the Presence; the realm of affection; the residing, loving, clever, inclusive One, enfolding all and being all and leaving naught exterior. (Alice Bailey, Rays and the Initiations, p. 302)

When rights and duties, equality and variety, particular person and collective discover their synthesis, Heaven and Earth come collectively and social peace reigns supreme. A typical freedom, orderly and safe, autonomous and hierarchical, then prevails. (E. Savoini, Seeds of 95, Vertex 1.5, unpublished paper)

The supreme summit of the Widespread Good is freedom, full and supreme for all entities, and the Order tends exactly to this single objective with out limiting that freedom, however quite increasing it. The place methods with out freedom function, one all the time discovers the presence of a pseudo-power, illegitimate and transitory, which is a real adversary of the Widespread Good. (E. Savoini, Order, unpublished paper)

Freedom is the true supply of Order… (E. Savoini, Organising a Plan, unpublished paper)

The Order thrives on freedom, and true freedom is feasible solely by means of Order.

Order is Freedom

Cosmic order has a characteristic that’s missing within the modest human idea: the power to organise. It makes it attainable to determine bonds, affinities and rhythmic operations between sequence of entities of very totally different nature, in order that they freely contribute to constructing the frequent Good, that’s, to creating the common Group. This shines by means of the functioning of the photo voltaic System, however man finds it in himself, within the duties of his bodily organs, that are very totally different from one another and but collaborate on the well-being of the entire: his very existence is determined by that organising and secret energy. It must be famous that this operate doesn’t have an organ of its personal in command of this… (…) Order is elusive, it has no seat. Devoted to its activity of building priorities, hierarchies, dependencies and sovereignty, it doesn’t have an exterior agent. It’s concluded that it has its seat in all of the others, that’s to say, it’s all-pervasive. (E. Savoini, Neo-christianity)

(…) every thing would all the time and solely be chaos, if the Infinite (absurdly) didn’t host in itself additionally the ordering will, that’s, if these values ​​that we name the common legal guidelines, whose actual presence is manifested by the sovereign order that disposes of and guidelines every thing, didn’t act there. (E. Savoini, Feedback to Infinity II § Foreword, out there solely in Italian)

Order is the Will and the Energy that workouts it. With out order there isn’t a energy and the presence of an genuine energy is inseparable from order. (E. Savoini, Order, unpublished paper)

The Order is recognized with its personal objective, which is exactly and appropriately the worldwide order for the Widespread Good.

Order comes final within the listing of divine virtues, but it surely germinates from the very first transfer of the Plan. The ecliptic is the symbol of photo voltaic Order, it’s the Widespread Good, the final word Purpose, the primary Goal… It combines substance with essence, it generates unity the place solely a sequence of distinct and really totally different organs seems, and addresses every thing in the direction of the objective set by the desire of the One. (E. Savoini, Organising a Plan, unpublished paper)

When Order is completed in Area, it prospers, mild and cheerful, and that a lot sought-after and admired miracle that is named Magnificence is born. (E. Savoini, Order, unpublished paper)

Within the centre, from the place of Hearth, allow us to affirm:

Within the Universe every thing is ruled by absolute Unity

and it’s held collectively by the proportions of a mighty Hierarchy

Unity is the supreme basis,
it’s Synthesis, Communion, Order and Freedom


This text is revealed on the event of the heliocentric conjunction of Mars (6th Ray) and Uranus (7th Ray) in Taurus.




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