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3.4 – 4.3 Color and Ray – TPS – English

From the Lambdoma of the Genesis of Concepts:

3.4 COLOUR Color is the rainbow veil of Life

4.3 RAY – The Ray is the very important course of the Centre

This Polarity of Concepts expresses and realises the first relationship between:

3.3 LIGHT –  Mild is the rhythmic movement of Hearth


4.4 MODEL – The Mannequin is the reflection of Life

Life conquers each spatial recess, giving rise to Manifestation, by way of a fiery impulse that manifests itself as Mild, its rhythmic and cyclic movement in addition to the “pencil” with which it traces psychogeometries in substance. This inventive operation is in flip a Mannequin for each different attainable creation, at no matter stage, since by means of the mannequin we see the reflection of Life and its intimate constructions.
Mild and Mannequin, due to this fact, intertwine and unfold in House drawing arabesques of varieties with the concurrence of their autos, Color and Ray.

From the central core of Life, discontinuous and radiating, the Rays, the primordial Lights, depart like an iridescent swarm, launching themselves into Infinity and sprinkling it with the very important and artistic fireplace with which they’re imbued.

“… a Ray [contains] in itself the generative and conceptive energy…” (1)

These [Rays] are straight traces, which may be outlined as curves of infinite and due to this fact absolute radius. Within the Infinite, line and circumference are one and the identical geometric identification. Their obvious distinction is simply as a result of the truth that the rays, or straight traces, are inclined to the spatial Infinity and the multitude, whereas the circumference tends to the One, that’s, to absolutely the Centre. These begin from the One and fly to the Infinite; this one, however, begins from the Infinite and falls into the One. The rays come up from the central Unity and don’t have any quantity; the circumference arises from the various and is one.” (2)

The incessant embrace between Rays and consciousnesses, harbinger of enlightenment, finds significance within the golden relationship we will set up between us and the Hierarchy, between us and the Stars:

Consider the celebrities that at all times give their mild to humanity. Be like these stars and provides your love, knowledge, and information to others.” (3)

“Be just like the ray of the solar, just like the music of the fowl.” (4)

“However the place can one discover the shop of pleasure? Actually not within the bazaar, however close to the ray of Mild, within the pleasure of Hierarchy.” (5)

“The Ray of Christ nourishes the Earth, simply because the Rainbow of the Buddha conveys an affirmation of the regulation of life.” (6)

And it’s Mild that turns into the messenger of the pulsating Lifetime of the Centre, portray on the palette of House these colors that reveal its glory and intrinsic concord. Color, the truth is, is “that iridescent veil of Life that’s Magnificence in its purest state and is the trail that leads creation again to the unique Actuality”. (7)

When the Logos uttered the good cosmic Phrase for this photo voltaic system, three main streams of color issued forth, breaking nearly concurrently into one other 4, so giving us the seven streams of color by which manifestation turns into attainable… These seven streams of color have been the product of logoic meditation. The Logos meditated, brooded, conceived mentally, fashioned a super world, and constructed it up in thought matter. Then our goal universe flashed into being, radiant with the seven colors…”. (8)

Thus the Colors weave the Mantle of the Mom of the World and, whereas concealing her energy from those that can not “see”, they divulge to the inside Eye the ability that holds the cosmos, orders it and retains it united in a Communion of lights, for “there isn’t any ugliness that won’t be swallowed up within the rays of the rainbow”. (9)

Color is due to this fact ‘that which does conceal’. It’s merely the target medium by way of which the inside power transmits itself; it’s the reflection upon matter of the kind of affect that’s emanating from the Logos, and which has penetrated to the densest a part of His photo voltaic system.”. (10)

Thus Mild and Mannequin rule; thus Color and Ray weave the Manifestation right into a rainbow of inventive potentialities.

Following the indication prompt by the etymological roots, we will see within the work of those two energies the fiery unfolding of the very important impulse and the enchanting veil that covers the blinding radiance of Life; we will see, lastly, the sevenfold and luminous path that departs from the Centre and returns to the Centre, travelled unceasingly by the Pilgrims who’ve life and breath within the One.

We courageously advance into the Mild
following the Ray and the Color,
everlasting Fashions of Life.


This text is printed on the event of the conjunction between Saturn and Mercury, 3rd and 4th Ray, in Aquarius.

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