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3.3 – Mild – TPS – English

“Fiat lux. Et lux facta est.”
(Genesis 1,3)

“The sound reverberated amidst various wheels of uncreated matter; and lo, the solar and all of the lesser wheels appeared. The sunshine shone forth amidst the numerous wheels, and thus the numerous types of God, the various features of his radiant gown blazed forth. The colourful palpitating wheels turned over. Life, in its many phases and in its many grades commenced the method of unfolding, and lo, the regulation started to work. Varieties arose, and disappeared, however life moved on. Kingdoms arose, holding their many kinds which drew collectively, turned collectively, and later separated, however nonetheless the life moved on. Mankind, hiding the Son of God, the Phrase incarnate, broke forth into the sunshine of revelation. Races appeared and disappeared. The kinds, veiling the radiant soul, emerged, achieved their objective and vanished into evening, however lo, the life moved on, blended this time with gentle. Life merged with gentle, each mixing to disclose a magnificence and an influence, an energetic liberating drive, a knowledge and a love that we name a Son of God.” (Alice A. Bailey, A Treatise on White Magic, p. 145)

The lightning of everlasting movement, impressed by the primeval divine command of the biblical Genesis, vibrates and resounds in Area revealing the regulation of the inventive Sound, the regulation that strikes all life. Each man, Son of God, is destined to change into a white Magician able to illuminating the world of Concepts, that’s to say of governing from the aircraft of the upper Thoughts, in an effort to create and organize the causes of future kinds.

Concepts, daughters of Mild and Sound, are these very important cores that forge the Future. Concepts, inhabitants of the fourth Heaven (the buddhic aircraft) as ideas of Being, are these seeds of will, love and lightweight that information the consciousness to construct types of concord and sweetness. As inventive kids of the Creator, immersed within the Rhythm of Life, we are able to ponder with loving intelligence and let resound the founding Concepts that describe the Genesis of the Absolute, unspeakable and unknowable, when Life categorical and unravels the totally different planes of manifestation. It’s a method to change into co-creators of the new Temple with the ability of Sound, a brand new lighted Home for human evolution:

“His message is heard, for it’s sounded forth; it carries illumination, for it conveys the Fact and divulges Actuality; it’s of important import, for it vibrates with the lifetime of its creator, and is held in being so long as his thought and sound and intelligence animate it. That is true of a message, of a company, and of all types of life, that are however the embodied concepts of a cosmic or a human creator.” (Alice A. Bailey, A Treatise on White Magic, p. 145)

“… When it was declared that concepts rule the world, the ability of thought was affirmed. Clever pondering should assist humanity to just accept the brand new rhythm and cognize the New World that has already drawn close to. Really, the New World pours forth its affect, and has manifested its energy within the radiance of scientific achievements. Might we overcome all of the suffocating risks by focus upon the New World! Mankind should understand that life now takes on supermundane which means. … the gates to the New World are vast open… The Thinker stated, “Quickly individuals will discover ways to fly. New spheres of Mild will change into accessible. …”. (Agni Yoga Collection, Supermundane § 255)

Mild, daughter of Life and infinite Area, like a visual and invisible flame guides humanity alongside the paths of the cosmic Order.

Mild is the rhythmic movement of Hearth

As it’s stated within the Agni Yoga educating, “Every little thing is in movement and is carried into Infinity. I say this to remind you that the pure path of man is upward.” (Supermundane § 102). “Folks ought to acknowledge that Mild is a residing substance. They need to perceive that ascent is the one path destined.” (Coronary heart § 469).

“Mild is motion. It’s, actually, the utmost dynamism […] Mild blends steady and discontinuous, thus cycles are born, that are ‘constantly discontinuous’. For these causes it’s argued that Mild is the reason for all actions. The Will fixes the aim; the Area welcomes it and lends it the mandatory substances; the Mild reaches it [the purpose]. That’s Movement. Mild realizes evolution […] Mild is the vitality that strikes issues and consciousnesses; it results in the objective, and there’s no different cause for movement.” 

“Centre and periphery love one another, and for love the centre explodes in myriads of rays, in each path, in direction of the circumference. For love, this implodes, concurrently, and launches its waves to the centre. The ONE and the TWO come collectively. That is how Mild is born.”

Mild is divine intelligence.
It’s transcendent. It has no types of its personal, however designs all of them. Solely that which is formless is able to exhibiting the assorted and altering features of issues. The Mild, divine Intelligence, expresses and manifests itself in any respect ranges of the spatial Substance with totally different legal guidelines. It’s bodily, emotional, psychological, supermundane, however it stays inseparable ”. […] “Mild is the common inventive energy”. […] “Divine Intelligence creates issues pondering them”.

Mild is spatial magnetic love.
The set of waves might be referred to as, with some cause, “Darkish Mild”, or “Mild with out Mild”. It isn’t imperceptible, as these expressions lead us to imagine. Consider the darkish background of the evening sky, which makes the celebs seen, and due to this fact is energetic, working, and highlights them: it’s the manifestation of the darkish Mild.
… Whoever has a minimal of psychological Mild recognises it within the hour of twilight, morning and night, when the ability of the luminous Intelligence is just not but totally expressed or is already tempering its vigour: love is captured in these moments, for the sunshine waves don’t solid shadows then, don’t push, however encompass and embrace issues and creatures”.

Mild is pleasure.
Certainly, a attribute of pleasure is radiance. It isn’t happiness, which is quiet and intimate, it isn’t but bliss, which is supreme and detached. Pleasure communicates, conveys, illuminates, overwhelms. The rays launch the penetrating pleasure of divine Intelligence into Area. Nature, touched by these rays and immersed in them, is pervaded with pleasure: for that reason vegetation and herbs bloom, minerals crystallize and the ocean and sky smile. The enjoyment of residing sings in puppies, in kids (the cares of existence haven’t but dampened it), and within the hearts of the aged, if they’ve lived nicely”.

(Enzio Savoini, Lecture notes of the threerd Septennium. Idea of Mild I, unpublished paper, September-November 2001)

“Mild is inventive. […] Mild is a manifestation of the third Ray, additionally referred to as energetic Intelligence. It’s the splendour, the radiation. When it sprang from the primary Sound, it started to create – not construct – kinds. (Creating and constructing are totally different actions: the primary prepares within the invisible what the second then truly makes within the seen). Mild creates, that’s, it arranges causes, tasks and applications. It’s a luminous energy that units up civilizations, cultures, occasions, kinds. First the Mild illuminates the sphere [created from the centre]; the energies current there, corresponding to 1 one other, then come into stress, and sweetness is born out that basic coordination. Might there be magnificence with out Mild?” (Enzio Savoini, Feedback to Infinity, 2003, out there solely in Italian)

“It’ll even be proven that the soul itself is gentle, and that your complete Hierarchy is a good centre of sunshine, inflicting the symbology of sunshine to control our pondering, our method to God, and enabling us to know considerably the which means of the phrases of Christ ‘I’m the Mild of the world’. […] The theme of sunshine runs by all of the world Scriptures; the thought of enlightenment situations all of the coaching given to the youth of the world (restricted although the appliance of this concept could also be), and the considered extra gentle governs all of the inchoate yearnings of the human spirit. We’ve not but carried the idea as much as the Centre of Life the place dwells the Historic of Days, the Everlasting Youth, the Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara, Melchizedek—God. But from that Centre streams what has been referred to as the Mild of Life, the Mild Supernal. These are empty phrases as but till we all know, as skilled initiates, that gentle is a symptom and an expression of Life […] Mild might be thought to be a symptom, a response to the assembly and consequent fusion of spirit and matter.” (Alice A. Bailey, Rays and the Initiations, p. 143)

“The delicate and celestial Mild shines when thoughts and consciousness are concentrated, and illuminates all Area; the place it meets a psychic centre, it units it on fireplace, reworking it right into a supply of bodily Mild. This occurs all over the place within the Cosmos, which shines with numerous sources. Every of those, in flip, pours Mild and warmth into its personal System and leads it to evolve. […]

“I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD”, stated the nice Grasp: flashing phrases that sounded obscure then, and are misunderstood even as we speak. Nice religious entities, earlier than Him, poured Mild into the world and into human society, however He claimed to be the supply of these Lights, that’s, the Grasp of Masters.” (Enzio Savoini, Lecture notes of the threerd Septennium. Holding the thoughts regular within the gentle, unpublished paper)

“Ye are the sunshine of the world. A metropolis that’s set on a hill can’t be hid. … Let your gentle so shine earlier than males” (Matthew 5, 14-16)

“Man, in conscience, is able to ‘manipulating’ the Mild. […] He can focus it, direct it and unfold it, as an important act of Service. […] Holding the thoughts regular within the Mild lowers Heaven (which stays the place it’s), and raises the Earth. The disciple, dedicated to studying the elegant lesson, now not detaches himself from that Mentor who has at all times lit up the Approach for him. He understands that there are other ways to dwell, assume and work.” (Enzio Savoini, Lecture notes of the threerd Septennium. Holding the thoughts regular within the gentle, unpublished paper)

The Mild that radiates Life and perfects it has fascinated cultures and religions of all instances, it’s studied by science and regarded by the seekers of Fact as a pivotal level in direction of which to orient our life, and Its glory has been celebrated and invoked in a number of languages.

The glory of Him who moveth all the pieces
Doth penetrate the universe, and shine
(Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy — Paradiso I, 1,2)

Thus the Supreme Poet, with enlightened mastery, celebrates the ascent to Paradise. That sacred Poem traces the initiatory route and invitations those that are pure and keen to rise to the celebs to assume with greatness for the Widespread Good, to recognise the ability of the Will for Love and act on it and to launch their very own Mild within the sacred womb of Life: Area…

“the Love which strikes the solar and the opposite stars”
(Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy — Paradiso XXXIII, 145)


“We can’t attain Adeptship and Nirvana, Bliss and the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’, until we hyperlink ourselves indissolubly with our Rex Lux, the Lord of Splendour and of Mild, our immortal God inside us.” (Helena P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, Vol. III)

“The solar’s rays needs to be appreciated as a common treasure… Why ought to individuals go by the treasures of the universe which have been destined for them? The rhythm of the planets is made up of magnetic vortices and lightweight. Can they not be put to make use of, simply as the ability of waterfalls is? Inexhaustible are the forces made out there! New Joes and new Janes, you who quantity within the lots of of hundreds, take your share! Quickly, what was a mere try will change into a conquest, and the seed of the Widespread Good will give each individual the ability of the ray. Allow us to bear in mind this once we start our morning work and courageously proceed it into Infinity.” (Agni Yoga Collection, Leaves of Morya’s Backyard — Illumination § 356)

The wonder expressed by the solemn music of the celestial lights is infinite and as we speak, within the heliocentric heaven, the “Voice of Mild”, the concerted voice of Saturn and Earth, the Lords of Mild, emerges.

Within the luminous wake of the Heavens, we have fun as a single choir the inventive symphony of the rhythmic movement of Hearth: LIGHT. We use the ability of Concepts to weave the brilliant and sonorous threads of the New Tradition and New Civilization. We hint the luminous options of the long run by imagining the ordered unity of the World of Concepts, based on the mathematical and sound matrix represented by the 7×7 Lambdoma, through which every Concept units up and weaves harmonious, symmetrical and related relations from its sound place.

The third of the seven founding Concepts of the generator Lambdoma that describe the Genesis of the Absolute is due to this fact LIGHT.

The generator Lambdoma sees on the third vertical column (from 1/3 to 7/3) the 7 main Concepts or central lightnings of the 49 vortexes of the Lambdoma of the Genesis of Mild, whereas on the horizontal column (from 3/1 to three/7) we have now the 7 Concepts or lightnings that shine within the place of the three/3 sound interval within the different 6 derived Lambdomas. On the centre of the cross, as an unchangeable centre of renaissance, blazes:

3.3 LIGHT – Mild is the rhythmic movement of Hearth

This sound sport of Lights reveals the regulation of the Sound of Life that generates and multiplies itself incessantly: its rhythmic movement is Mild which, propagating by Area with energetic Intelligence, orders and frees the luminous sparks of all divine realities, composing them within the Order of the One Life.

“… the spirit that merges with Cosmic Motive… can change into a directing cosmic drive. All that consciously unites can direct the cosmic forces. The identical regulation governs the expression of creativeness upon the far-off worlds.” (Agni Yoga Collection, Infinity I § 144)

Immersed within the Fantastic thing about Being, let’s imitate the divine Architects of Creation and, from the place of Hearth, let’s radiate the splendour of the cross of Mild in order that its best energy helps the restoration of the divine Plan on Earth.
The music of Mild radiates the 7 main lightnings of Its Genesis:

Soundthe fiery impulse of Life
Vitality: the infinite spatial potentiality
Mild: the rhythmic movement of Hearth
Ray: the very important path of the Centre
Consciousness: the ratio between Spirit and Substance
Son: the supreme Motive
Intelligence: energetic Mild

The Title of the Mild shines on all 3/3 vertexes of the 7 Lambdomas derived from the generator Lambdoma (its third row). It’s:
Hearth: Life producing and multiplying itself
Heaven: the radiant Garment of Area
Mild: the rhythmic movement of Hearth
Color: the rainbow veil of Life
Plan: the projection of divine Thought
Relation: the fiery synthesis of polarities
Rhythm: the pulsation of Life

I see nothing however Mild, which organises and orders Mild.

I’m Mild, which is the rhythmic movement of Hearth.
Thus I illuminate the upward approach.



Notice: Within the photo voltaic system Saturn administers the Fact, which is Mild, and as a 3rd Ray Planet, it has a selected relationship with the Earth, with which it shares the identical energetic tone of Lively Intelligence; man has been outfitted with this vitality in an effort to perform the constructive technique of sacralization of matter, by the evolutionary path of consciousness, which, by concrete expertise, conquers an ever extra inclusive imaginative and prescient.




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