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2.2 Area – TPS – English

Area is alive and is the common container of Life

The names of Area are infinite, identical to Area itself.

Within the immensity of the house Area dwell and act the divine Precept that helps all the things, the Infinite that penetrates and embraces all the things, the Magnet that with its radiant vitality attracts all the things in the direction of the One. And likewise the Communion which permits every level/consciousness to keep in touch with all of the others, the all-pervading and nourishing important Vitality, which substantiates and feeds each creature.

Heaven is the radiant Garment of Area, saturated with important energies.

Area is actually alive, it breathes and vibrates:

The breath returns to the everlasting bosom which exhales and inhales them…  Ideally suited nature, the summary Area through which all the things within the Universe is mysteriously and invisibly generated, is identical feminine facet of procreative energy in Nature.” (Helena P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine. Anthropogenesis)

“The cosmic Breath of the Mom of the World is all-pervading. Verily, all is imbued with it… life strikes and breathes by this Breath.” (Infinity I § 10)

Nature is the Mom, the sacred Womb of Area.

The Mom is magnetic Area: she is Love, the common Motive.

In Harmonics, Area is the second side of the Trinity of the Absolute (0.0): 1.1 Life, 2.2 Area, 3.3 Gentle.

“Allow us to say that Life and Infinity weave the infinite life.” (Infinity I § 54)

Area, due to this fact, might be described in innumerable methods, for instance as the divine Container of infinite Life and all its potential, the final word Substance of which issues are made, and the concept is of such energy as to induce to open the consciousness, elevate and broaden the thought as a way to conceive, to start with, the causal and profound intertwining with Life, absolutely the Actuality which might be in comparison with the idea of the transcendent God:

“That which individuals name the very best God is just not a substance however the reason for it; not one that’s right here, there, or elsewhere, not what we see, however that through which all is—SPACE.” (Helena P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine. Anthropogenesis)

“Area is divine. It’s the ultimate Substance, of which all the things is made. It’s the Vase which incorporates Life, or Hearth… It’s referred to as the Infinite, nice Mom, common magnetic discipline, cosmic Love, absolute Octave. It’s the dwelling of the seven divine qualities, the Seven Rays, and takes on their qualities and energies.” (Asserting the Planetary Plan. Vertex 2.1)

Let’s open the thoughts of the guts to the causative actuality of Area, immersed within the very substance of our lives: If we need to discover that infinity referred to as Area, we can not overlook the important undeniable fact that we’re a part of it, that we dwell in it and that, by some means, we occupy considered one of its centres.

Referring to Area, due to this fact, is like referring to Infinity, the Veil of the Absolute:

“Image your entire Area radiating Hearth, with an unprejudiced eye. Think about the Area containing Prana and Akasha. It isn’t the “Creator” nor the “Nice Builder,” it’s Infinity! …”. (Infinity I § 16)

“Area… is Infinity! “Speaking about one or the opposite is due to this fact the identical factor, and this makes the concept of ​​Area shine, an concept nonetheless so little and poorly understood by trendy man”. (Enzio Savoini, Feedback to Infinity, accessible solely in Italian)

Speaking about Area is speaking about that fruitful, pliant and receptive matrix, which welcomes Life and arranges all lives to make them progress alongside the evolutionary path; because the Generator Lambdoma reminds us, Area is Infinity fecundated by Life”, the sacred container of each potential and each consciousness, the residing vessel the place each being is solid and entrusted to Life.

Since Be-ness is Flame, all dissolves within the flaming manifestations.

Since Be-ness is Hearth, all is permeated with it.

Since Be-ness is Fiery Expanse,

our life is crammed with cosmic vitality.

(Infinity I § 56)


In all Area there’s one pulse,

and the Regulation of Cosmos is one for all that exists.

(Infinity I § 61)


Really, we comprehend Area in a single sigh.

No phrase can convey the Boundless,

and no thought can embody the Gentle.

(Illumination § 187)

Area is the infinite cosmic weave



This text is printed to rejoice in the present day’s conjunction between Jupiter (2nd R.), the Lord of Love, Grasp of Photo voltaic Area and Magnetism, and the Earth (3rd R.), the Disciple, the Sphere of expertise.




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